Farming Sim 22 Beats EA’s Battlefield 2042 on Steam


Image: Steam DB / Giants Software / Kotaku

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t have a good start. Between bugs, lack of content and other problems, including unexpected release Halo Infinite’s free multiplayerThe big shooter Dice and EA is in the news for totally wrong reasons. And now it seems like more Steam players want to farm than shoot like the recently released Farming Simulator 22 Has more players than BF 2042

Released November 19. Battlefield 2042 currently there are about 50 thousand players online, with a peak of 52k in the last 24 hours. MeanwhileFarming Simulator 22, released November 22, has about 88 thousand concurrent users and peaked at 94k in the last 24 hours.

Using SteamDB to compare the highest number of players each game has recruited since launch was interesting since Farming Sim 22 and BF 2042 mainly associated with Farming simulator hitting 105,636 players and Bf is gaining a little less, 105 397 players.

I already know that some people will be in the comments and replies to tweets explaining that this is only for Steam and that if you consider other platforms like PS5 or Origin then BF 2042 would be (probably) more popular than Farming Simulator 22… But it’s not that. Instead, one of the biggest games of the year in one of the the most popular digital stores in the world on one of the largest gaming platforms in the world, PC, does not keep up with Farming Simulator 22.

No wonder to see how BF 2042 continues to upset and disappoint players glitchy gameplay, performance issues on console and PC, and lack of content and features found in past games. It recently became one of the worst rated games on Steam.… Compared, Farming Simulator 22 has an extremely large number of positive user reviews.

While EA and Dice seem to be looking to improve 2042 with future updates, it looks like it took them a little longer before releasing this year. But hey while you wait BF 2042 for improvement, at least you can go grow corn and cool off in Farming Simulator 22

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