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Hi, this is Craig D. Adams from Superbrothers A/V, creative director of Jett: The Far Shore, a game made with Pine Scented and featuring music composed by scntfc.

Since the release of Jett: The Far Shore at the end of 2021, we have been hard at work on the Given Time expansion and are pleased to announce that it will be available as a free update on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 starting January 31st. Also from yesterday, Jett: The Far Shore joined the PlayStation Plus Extra catalog.

If you were interested in trying the game, this is a good time to get down to business and experience Jett’s unforgettable prologue and original campaign, as well as how it all feels with the DualSense controller, where the tactile sensations are excellent and even provide a rewarding gameplay. – Relevant data, eg how, when Jett’s HPG instability peaks, surge triggers become more severe.

As for Given Time’s free campaign expansion due out later this month, here’s a demo.

You will be able to start the Now Time campaign separately from the main menu, whether you played the original game or not. Campaign progress is saved separately so you can start one and switch to another and back again, although Jett is probably best enjoyed in chronological order.

The new campaign “This Time” takes place three years after the end of the events of “The Far Shore”. Note: There are some very light plot spoilers ahead in this paragraph. As the player character Mei, you will wake up to find yourself in a more empty and quiet ground control. On this solo journey, with only one Scout still awake and a weathered jet waiting outside, you’ll have more freedom and less dialogue as you explore new and mysterious phenomena. The gameplay of Given Time revolves around finding rainbow resonances and hatching salt flakes that are hidden in unique locations and offer interesting challenges to solve.

You will have to use your knowledge and skills as a Jett scout to survive in this rich and distinctive ecosystem, proving yourself as a pilot and scientist, before finally uncovering the secrets of the wave of hymns and recognizing the nature of the wild, an ancient entity. in the heart of Thor.

The expansion offers a more open world, it’s a player-driven adventure where you can explore and discover the game world at your own pace. There is much to discover and explore, and this story will tie up some of the threads left hanging at the end of the Far Shore Campaign. Meanwhile, the scntfc composer’s slowly cooked musical score reveals deep new moods, from effervescent to sublime.

With the release of Given Time, Jett’s vision is fully realized. The expansion is an overall relaxing open-world survival puzzle game set in a rich and unique sci-fi world best experienced… Given Time.

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