Fantasy Life Online comes out today in English on iOS and Android

After the wonderful cult classic Level 5 Fantasy Life was released on 3DS, which amazed us all with its depth, heart and charm, it was a little disappointing to find out that the sequel will be a game only for mobile devices called Fantasy Life Online… It was even more annoying to learn that it was only intended to be released in Japan.

However, along with the news that Level 5 will close the servers for the Japanese version of the game on December 15th., it became known that the publisher Boltrend Games has selected Fantasy Life Online for the western release.

Image: Level-5 Inc., Boltrend Games

The game’s plot is set in Reveria, the continent on which the original game takes place, and includes all 12 missions (or “lives”) that Fantasy Life had. It is, of course, a more mobile game that features rewards, progression and storytelling that are more closely tied to daily and time-limited in-game events, as well as additional village building and multiplayer elements. …

Fantasy Life Online is a shareware game, which means it can be played and downloaded for free, but with in-app purchases. Players can buy currency and passes, which will cost from one to two to $ 100. You will also receive rewards for downloading the game: Divine Summoning Coin, 5 Orbs of Average Experience, and 2000 Doshas (the game’s currency).

Fantasy Life Online
Image: Level-5 Inc., Boltrend Games

Fantasy Life Online has conducted closed beta testing for English-speaking players between late October and early November, and now the release date has finally arrived. The game is available for pre-download now in the iOS App Store and Play Store on Android, with services available at 6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET (December 6) and 2 AM GMT (December 7 ).

To find out more about the game and events during the first few weeks after the launch of the servers, visit the official website

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