Fans of GTA Trilogy Theorize San Andreas Remaster have GTA 6 ‘Clue’

An image of GTA V's Ron Jakovski standing next to what fans of the series believe is in Florida, the alleged setting for Grand Theft Auto VI.

While Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition this is dumpster fire that Rockstar Games is finally handling, those who play San andreas remaster has encountered a part that some believe may be the key to the customization Gta 6… The key? Among the images depicting recognizable locations from various Rockstar games, there is a photograph of a house that fans cannot identify.

The Lil ‘Probe’Inn, a UFO-themed bar San andreas, this is where fans found an unidentified home. Hanging on the wall is a series of images of flying saucers, which are undoubtedly the setting for various Rockstar games, including Grand theft auto v and Red dead redemption 2… Apparently, the locations shown in each photo were invented, except for one: a nondescript country house with a driveway, palm trees and a beautiful front garden.

In accordance with fanatics on GTAForumsThe house in question is likely modeled after a pattern found in Boca Raton, Florida, where GTA: Vice City perfectly delivered. Of course, it could just be concept art rendering, environmental testing, or something like that. But a member of the forum Igrobar compared the real house in Boca Raton with the image in the game to find similarities. The similarities are incredible, although any conclusions people draw from this should be viewed with suspicion.

The fact that this photo is on the wall, which can only be described as “I want to believe,” added fuel to the fire. Gta 6 conspiracy theory tripping. There is even an update in Gta 3 a remaster that changed the billboard text from “See you in Miami” to “See you soon.” All this suggests that the next Gta in fact, the show may return to Florida. However, again, this is just fan speculation for now.

We have reached out to Rockstar Games for comment and will let you know if we get a response.

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Gta Fans gobble up every piece of information they can find that may even indirectly relate to the next entry in the franchise. The situation is so tense that some dude in germany crashed a live tv show claim game news while other players connect the strange Virginia road To Gta 6… As long as we know Gta 6 is in development and Dr. Dre obviously composing music for the upcoming Gta the gameAccording to some estimates, in whatever form it may be, it may appear no earlier than 2025.

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