Fans discover Mario Party 3 reference hidden inside Mario Party DS

If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of Mario Party DS at one time, you might well remember Toadette’s Music Room, one of the game’s unique boards. What we are ready to put you on notI do know, however, that there is indeed a cool little Easter egg on the board that belongs to an older game in the series.

Toadette’s music room, as it is probably obvious, is a themed board with players running around a room littered with instruments and giant piano keys. Several sheet music are scattered around the room, and this is where this seemingly recently discovered secret lies.

Remember this?  For today's secret, pay special attention to the sheet music on the piano and on the floor.
Remember this? For today’s secret, pay special attention to the sheet music on the piano and on the floor. (Image: via MarioWiki)

How does it share Games anew, two fans named River J and Squish_Pixelz made an interesting discovery about sheet music after they were able to extract the 3D model of the Music Room. Taking a closer look (see below), the pair were able to decipher the sheet music and then shared the tune with fellow fans of the series.

Any ideas?
Any ideas? (Image: via Gaming Reinvented)

It turns out that the tune is actually taken from the soundtrack for Mario Party 3, a game released seven years earlier. We doubt many – if any – fans have ever actually seen these notes in enough detail to define the melody before, but it’s definitely a nice touch.

So that’s it! Have you ever wondered what kind of melody was written on these sheets? How many more secrets do you think the Mario Party series hides? Respond in the comments.

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