Fan-made Zelda: Breath Of The Wild LEGO Set Coming To Final Verification

Image: LEGO / BrickGallery Ideas

This isn’t the first time Zelda’s Hyrule Castle has made it to the final stages of fan-created and crowdsourced IDEAS LEGO platform, and it certainly won’t be the last – after all, anything Nintendo-related is usually rejected outright.

But this latest design of Hyrule Castle, based on Breath of the Wild, includes the Calamity of Ganon, the Koroks, Bokoblins, Sentinels, the Chilian Shield, and Link’s sailing glider, so certainly will all these details convince LEGO and / or Nintendo to put it into production this time around?

BrickGallery, the designer, is also responsible for one of Hyrule Castle’s previous successful (but rejected) sets, and quite a few popular sets of Tom and Jerry

Regarding what the ‘final stage’ means for this LEGO set, here’s what LEGO IDEAS says:

A LEGO Expertise composed of designers, product managers and other key team members will consider this idea. We will create concept models and determine if the concept meets our high LEGO product standards. includes factors such as playability, safety and LEGO branding. Every potential LEGO product goes through a similar process and must meet the same standards. “

This process can take several months, and when it is completed, it will either receive the green light and move on to the next stage (design and development), or be rejected.

Fingers crossed!

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