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Prepare beans for the Spectacular party. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 6 Coming On November 30, giving the Blunderdome a festive look. The all-star cast is captioned with five new rounds, our wildest obstacles to date, and costumes to match the carnival of crowns. We’ve teamed up with PlayStation to introduce you to the Pipe Dream Beans, a fully recurring round of Season 6. Stumble over the velvet rope and join us to watch the preview.

Pipe Dreamin ‘at the Fall Guys Festival

Pipe Dream focuses on Vacuum Pipes, an all-new obstacle in Season 6! Each time the bob falls, you’ll zoom in at full speed through twists and turns before entering the maze challenges. We can’t wait to experience this fast-paced race to the finish line. But how did such a crazy ride come about?

Ahead of the Fall Guys season, the studio teams are full of ideas on how to bring the new Blunderdome theme to life. As a designer, our conceptual level design sessions are my favorite part of this early process, creating space to present our most daring circular patterns on the table … no matter how incredible or ridiculous they are.

The idea for the vacuum tube originally came from junior designer Max Boyle (creator of Snowball Survival, Lily Leapers, Gate Crash … and a constant threat to the Fall Guys community team in live streams). We were especially inspired by how some games used pipes to jump from one “world” to another almost instantly. We had Fall Guys bouncing on water lilies, propelled by flippers and tossed by Big Yitus … Can vacuum tubes make a difference? Most importantly, would it be fun?

What makes Fall Guys round?

Our goal is to make sure that every round is a place where players can show off their fall boyfriends. skillbut without sacrificing the typical fall guys. chaos it creates the slapstick moments for which the game is known. Like See-Saw, it’s all about balance.

This means going through many stages of development, as the initial discussions of the concept turn into a deeper level diagram. From that point on, we moved from Round to the “blocking” stage, creating the “Pipe Dream” from scratch using basic shapes to get an initial feel for the core gameplay. Internally, it goes through many iterations and playtests … which for me means watching colleagues poke, nudge, and generally break something that was lovingly created.

Round then went to the art team to become one with the new season aesthetic, which for Party Spectacular means super bright colors and inflatable colors. From there it all boils down to thorough bug fixing and (as our Board of Beans knows) a lot of game tests.

Create an unrivaled pipe dream

Initially, Pipe Dream was built as a final round (similar to Fall Mountain), focused on choosing a vacuum tube with an optimal route to the finish line. In the original finale, there was even a trapeze swing to the crown – very dramatic.

However, playtests have shown that race elements are not suitable for the more logical task of choosing the best route. We’ve retooled the round so players can focus on what we think is the funnest – jump down the pipe and see where the riddle takes you.

In addition, during testing, the behavior of some of our fall guys became more than insignificant. strange after exiting the pipe, which leads to some weird (but rather funny) moments …

The team can’t wait to invite you to the season 6 pipe party. There is something particularly enjoyable about watching your Fall Guy and other competitors spin around the pipes as the camera moves – unlike anything we’ve done before. …

Before you jump on yourself, two main tips from me.

  • Unpredictable pipes – You might think that you will be able to figure out all the paths of the pipeline … No! They change every time you hit the round – so early speed and practicing mini-arena capabilities will do you better than routing.
  • Go the distance – When you reach the destination of the vacuum tube, you will be thrown out at high speed. If you timing just in time, you can dive in mid-air – this will give you a little extra distance that can make a difference in a tough race.

Fall Guys Season 6 Round Exclusive Look, Pipe Dream

Get the beans ready for Fall Guys season 6 – November 30

“Pipe Dream” is just a fraction of the festive fun at the Fall Guys Season 6 Party Spectacular. Dive from November 30th for …

  • Five dazzling rounds – Show off your stumbling skills on the main stage of the revamped Blunderdome.
  • Outrageous new obstacles – Dodge water balloon cannons, navigate devilish 360 degrees and more
  • 25+ fresh costumes – Unique carnival fashion awaits you
  • Path of Glory Level 50 – Kudos and Crowns galore, and get ready to train as Jin and become the Ghost in two exclusive suits optimized for sneak stumbling.

Plus, there are even more time-limited events awaiting you, starting with Sackboy heading to Blunderdome starting December 1st, offering a burlap challenge pack in exchange for an exclusive costume and other delightful rewards.

See you at Blunderdome!

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