Explore the world of vans on Roblox

Skaters, it’s your time to crumble and shine: the world of Vans World continues Roblox!

All the elements of skate culture that make it truly outstanding – community, fashion, individual expression and of course skateboarding – come to life in virtual life in this huge skate park for you and your friends. Relax in places like sandy beaches or the famous Caravan House, sign up for competitions, take on daily challenges and customize your Vans shoes and skateboard to showcase your individual style. It will be a great time.

It’s hard to go

Just like in the real world, tons of ramps and rails await you in this urban adventure, all with your name on them. Earn lanes to ride on concrete, collect waffle coins to level up, and choose legendary tricks as you progress!

Show your skills

Practice makes professionals, so come out and get well! Rate other skaters and climb to the top of the leaderboard with daily challenges to see who can perform the craziest stunts!

Customize your avatar

If you want to chill out a bit, chill out on the nearby beach or visit Vans’s store to browse their selection of virtual clothing and gear. These items are ready for your personal touch – customize them for some serious rise and fall!

Vans World Experience on Roblox

More epic times to follow

Everything is ready for this online collab between Vans and Roblox… The world of Vans is not going anywhere, and there are many exciting updates that will make it the best meeting place for skateboarders. Stay tuned for new sites to explore, gear to try out, competitions to crush, and more:

See you there!

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