Expansion Designed for Xbox Mobile Accessories for iOS Devices

On Xbox, it provides a choice for our fans so they can play the games they want, with the people they want, wherever they want is what we all are. Last September, we expanded ours Designed for Xbox licensed accessories in mobile games alongside the launch of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on Android with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This has been an epic success on many teams, and we can’t be more proud to see our community play their most beloved titles because of their favorite mobile accessories.

Today we announce the expansion of our Xbox Designed Mobile Game Accessories for iOS devices. And with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is becoming available today for Xbox Game Ultimate Pass members on Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets with web browsers, we make it easier to play deeper, more immersive games whenever and wherever you choose.

With products launching from major mobile accessory partners and even more on the way, we can’t wait to see where fans take their game next.

Designed for Xbox Backbone One

The Backbone mobile controller preferred by fans joins the Family Designed for Xbox with Backbone One for Xbox, compatible with all iPhone models with iOS 13 or later. Backbone One transforms your iPhone to make the game even more enjoyable and effortless.

Just connect the controller to your iPhone, press the Backbone Button to open the app, and immediately start playing your favorite Xbox games anywhere. With internals that reflect a breakthrough in connectivity and performance, Backbone One is designed to preserve battery life and reduce input latency by leveraging the iPhone’s exclusive technology, which requires no charge while allowing for incredibly responsive gaming.

Clip Editor

Like the new Xbox Wireless Controllers, Backbone One allows players to capture the game with a simple push of the Capture Button. The Backbone app now supports gameplay tagging from Xbox Cloud Gaming and sharing your favorite gaming moments with your friends as links. Along with several new Xbox integrations, the app offers a dynamic Xbox Game Pass feed into its reinvented user interface, and an easier way to switch between your favorite iOS games and services, from Minecraft to gaming Remote Xbox – all made possible by the largest Backbone update.

Game Pass Row

Gamers who purchase Backbone One for Xbox will receive access to 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (for new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members at and only) and is available for purchase today for $ 99 USD at select Microsoft Store markets.

Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iOS

Razer Kishi

You know, you love her. Razer is releasing the new Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iOS, allowing you to bring your Game A to Xbox titles anytime, anywhere. This controller is suitable for most iPhone devices and is intended to bring a console-level control to mobile games. Like the Universal Gaming Controller for Android, the Razer Kishi for iOS offers an ergonomic design, clickable analog thumbsticks, ultra low latency gameplay and a lightning port to charge your phone while you play. With the Razer Kishi, wherever you go, victory in your favorite games will follow. It also offers a free 3-month trial at Xbox Game Pass Ultimate * for new members, so gamers experiencing Xbox Game Pass for the first time can play to their heart’s content. U Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iOS is available for pre-order today for $ 99 USD from Razer and other vendors around the world.

OtterBox Power Exchange Controller Batteries


Keep your Xbox Wireless Controller in the game longer with the OtterBox Power Swap Battery Controller, compatible with Xbox consoles, Android and iPhone devices. This battery pack provides an easy-to-use wireless experience, and offers uninterrupted play with zero controller downtime. Quick-release batteries can be exchanged on the fly with one hand during play – there’s no need to pause – and the backup power cell retains power as you switch. The backlit LEDs let you know when the battery is low and it’s time to change it. The included dock charges both batteries simultaneously and keeps the backup battery fully charged until you need it. You can even get both moving for a durable mobile gaming power. This interchangeable battery pack is compatible with Xbox Wireless Controllers designed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. U OtterBox Power Exchange Controller Batteries are available for purchase for $ 59.95 USD from Microsoft Store in select markets worldwide.

Traveling with Xbox has never been so easy. With so many accessory options for Android and iOS, our Designed for Xbox partners lead the charge to free gamers from their home and allow for a quality gaming experience from wherever you want to play! We can’t wait to see you play on the new Mobile Accessories Designed for Xbox iOS with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta).

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