Everything about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet looks glitchy and twitchy

Reviews for Pokemon scarlet as well as Violetwith many critics pointing out that the Nintendo Switch obviously hard to launch the game right. But it’s one thing to read about performance problems in the abstract. It’s much funnier to see how much the character models overlap with each other in the game while the frame rate fluctuates.

The scenery randomly starts to disappear when you throw a Pokeball.

Poké Balls are powerful enough to digitize Pokémon within their fist-sized abilities, but I didn’t know they were also capable of warping the space around them. Well, at least in this case, they did, and also caused the frame rate to spasm, as if in pain.

People intersect with each other

There is a PDA, and there is a literal being in each other while walking down the street. God, these two need a room. Or better rendering. One of two.

The sandwich doesn’t even fit in her mouth

I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty sure the sandwich has to go. inside and not beside mouth when you eat alone. I don’t expect much from the sandwich eating animation. For now Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet still managed to let me down.

The trainer’s hands pass through… eye sockets?

Twitch streamer “Patterrz” sums it up best:

This is the correct way to ride a corydon. If you don’t do it that way then you don’t play Pokemon scarlet version and Violet version is correct. If your hands and fists don’t go through your eyeballs, then you’re riding the corydon incorrectly. And you should probably fix it. [breaks down laughing]

The camera periodically loses the player

There are so many interesting things in these videos, such as random NPCs appearing out of nowhere. Since it happened with wild Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: ArceusI’m not too shocked about it. The same with the terrible frame rate. which does I was surprised by the second video, where the camera struggles to keep up with the player as he rides the corydon. And it doesn’t even go what fast.

pokemon schrodinger

So these Pachirisu appear and disappear. Oh, and your Koraidon bike is stuck in the middle of some crates.

Pokémon stuck in the wall

It’s a good thing that Shiny Pokémon have animated glitters, because some of them are stuck in the walls. (You’ll have to use your imagination a little, but this is Deino.)

Characters bodies stutter when walking

So I included this video for stuttering. But what really struck me was how ugly this waterfall is. It’s the backdrop you’d expect from a PlayStation 2, not a modern machine like the Nintendo Switch.

Pokeballs drive the camera into the ground

In this case, the Poké Ball somehow causes the camera to fly straight through the ground before it finally hits the wild Pokémon. Of course, as we’ve seen in previous Pokéball footage, the frame rate dies a gruesome death too.

If you want to start your own collection of the worst master branch crashes Pokemon game, you can take Pokemon Scarlet or Violet starting tomorrow.

Update 11/18/2022 at 11:55 AMET: Pokemon Scarlet or Violet is now available to the general public and players have discovered even more fun glitches. Here are some new items for your enjoyment.

All Trainers assume a T-pose during the cutscene.

To be honest, you had to play with the contrast on original video to see correctly. But, according to the player, it was in the 10th minute of the game. Just 10 minutes! This isn’t some random mid-game cutscene, but one of the first impressions that players might get. scarlet as well as Violet. It’s not the best look at a game that already had a lot to prove.

The player rides an invisible legendary motorcycle.

You were probably very excited to ride legendary Korydon and Miraydon like all of us. These motorcycle Pokémon are the fastest way to travel around Paldea. There is only one problem: sometimes they become invisible. So it looks like you’re just moving around in an uncomfortable sitting position.

Background characters or ghosts? You decide

This NPC seems to briefly hit an invisible wall and then disappears completely. creepy. This would actually be pretty cool to see in a haunted house, but not in broad daylight.

Schoolchildren’s feet distort the space-time fabric of the universe

Children in Pokemon this series is so powerful. Not only do they go on dangerous adventures and take down adult villains by age 11, they can also cause significant frame stutter.

Lighting changes in the middle of the video

I assume the lighting has been changed so you can see Quaxly better in the next video. Unfortunately, it happened too soon.

A Pokémon Rack got stuck during a fight and then fell out of the screen

I smiled when I saw that your Pokémon can stand in the air while fighting a flying opponent. Flamigo is a bird, so I assume it can swim? I burst out laughing when Flamigo suddenly fell right off the cliff.

For non-game developers, level designers use colliders to make sure game objects touch each other. It feels like the floor collider for fights accidentally decided to shut down for no reason.

Pokémon can duplicate during evolution

So when you evolve a Pokémon, you can get another its copy. The player points out that the duplication is purely visual, but it’s still fun to think that evolution turns into a buy-one-get-one-free deal like a fried chicken store.

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