Everyone’s Golf PS4 servers are shutting down on September 30th for good


Sony quietly announced that all online and multiplayer features 2015s Golf for everyone will be switched offline permanently in September. This will make it impossible to collect some trophies, although the game is single player and offline.e modes will remain playable.

As noted Gematsu, if you check the web page keep for Golf of all on PS4 you will see a new notification warning players that September 30 “all online features (including online multiplayer modes) will end on that date.”

Gematsu It has drawn up a handy list of all online features that are “ending” as of October 1st. This is not a short list!

  • Open Course Selection
  • Participation in international tournaments
  • Territory War
  • Checking the latest daily ranking
  • Checking the latest copy rating
  • Partial view of the notification window
  • Partial view of this month’s products
  • Partial view of last month’s products
  • Buying and using warp medals
  • Purchasing some items related to fishing
  • Player Reports
  • View last profile card plus number of copies
  • Partial Library View
  • Receiving the Platinum trophy “To the limit!”
  • Acquisition of the Golden Trophy “The Walking Encyclopedia”
  • Acquisition of the bronze trophy “Online Debut”

Golf for everyone launched for PlayStation 4 in August 2017 and was developed Clap Hantz. The studio has been creating arcade golf games for over two years now. decades, with earlier games in Golf for everyone row sold here as Hot shots.

Fun fact I just discovered today: Camelot developed the original gamee in series before proceeding to execute Mario Golf games for nintendo.

Kotaku contacted Sony about their plans to end online support for this game, which means for the same old PS4 games with multiplayer features.

While some may celebrate the fact that it is somewhat a niche game could maintain servers for more than five years, still sad to see online features in a game killed. Luckily, at least this time around, people have six months to get ready to grab any trophies and play one last match against online buddies. However, this make me nervous about other, older PS4 games and how long their servers will stay.

Oh, and don’t forget the latest golf game from Clap Hanz, released last year on Apple Arcade. Good!

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