Everyone on board! The Nintendo Switch Gets A Train Controller In Japan

We’ve seen racing wheels for car simulators, and joysticks for flight simulators, but did you know that you can also get controllers for train simulators? In Japan, a new controller will be released that will allow Switch owners and train enthusiasts to take their train simulations to the next level.

The device is compatible with Densha de Go !! Hashirou Yamanote Sen – the last entry in a long-running train simulation series that began in Japanese arcades in 1996. The product will be sold for about $ 134 USD in Japan and will be available starting August 8th.

This controller aims to realistically recreate what it feels like to operate a train – with levers and internal gears, and also includes all the Shift buttons needed to navigate the game menus. Basically, be prepared for someone to speed up the race with something else with them.

At the moment it seems that this product is a version only in Japan, so if you are interested in owning something similar, you will be probably they have to import it. Do you own unique Switch controllers? Maybe a drum or a racing wheel? Leave a comment below.


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