Epic free-to-play dragon shooter Century: Age of Ashes is out now on Xbox Series X|S


  • Century: Age of Ash is a free-to-play online shooter set in a dark fantasy world, coming to Xbox Series X|S.
  • Dragons. Dragons?? Dragons!!
  • Discover a game that refreshes the F2P genre with signature modes.

Greetings to all dragon lovers! Playwing Bordeaux is pleased to announce the release of a free-to-play dragon shooter Century: Age of Ash takes to the skies Xbox Series X|S!

Century: Age of Ash is an epic ode to the dark fantasy genre where you play as a fearless rider who takes the reins of majestic dragons and engage in heated battles to prove your skills, unlock hundreds of epic customizations, unlock (and tame) new legendary beasts and become the ruler of the skies with your friends.

The arena is unforgiving and you must be the same if you want to rise to the top. Century: Age of Ash offers many game modes in which you have to win with your team, ranging from 3v3 to 4v4v4. fans F2P shooters will regain interest in team deathmatch modes with dragon twists and special power-ups; and those who prefer to hunt in new territories will like branded game modes.

Take Spoils of War for example, where your team is tasked with stealing as much gold as possible, protecting your team’s nest, and adapting to unexpected events. Or maybe you prefer survival where 3 teams fight each other in a single life deathmatch with the option to revive fallen soldiers. This is the life of a dragon for you and your friends!

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Setting in Century: Age of Ash offers thousands of combinations that you can get in the game to create the personality of your rider and dragons the way you want it to be. In addition, we have a rather toothy system for expanding the list of creatures that can be ridden: dragons. This different take on gathering requires you to find eggs, then hatch them in your nest and grow them by completing specific missions. Once you get an adult dragon, it will stay with you!

Hold on to your dragon saddles, we’ve got a packed content calendar for the coming months, including live events, an innovative game mode, and a fourth class of riders and dragon species coming alongside Competitive Season 1. Core gameplay will also receive significant updates , opening up new and exciting ways for players to interact with their surroundings.

Century: Age of Ash Screenshot

Experience the irresistible joy of soaring through the sky astride your own dragons in Century: Age of Ash on Xbox Series X|S!

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Century: Age of Ashes, the multiplayer dragon battle game, is now available for free! Customize your dragon, dive into the arena and compete to become a legendary dragon breeder. Burn your enemies and rule the skies! Compete in intense 3v3 to 4v4v4 online games and discover the dynamic gameplay of Century: Age of Ashes! Enter the arena alone or with friends and fight for survival! A variety of game modes are waiting for you: Carnage, Spoils of War, Gates of Fire, Survival and others. Experience different play styles with a growing roster of unique classes, each with their own abilities! Defend and disorient as Windguard, hunt and destroy as Marauder, or hide and trap as Phantom. How will you choose your path to victory? Additional classes are planned during development. Your dragon, your style! Century: Age of Ashes features carefully crafted cosmetic items to make you stand out in the arena. Gain experience as you play and unlock amazing skins to customize your dragon and its rider! Don’t worry, these items are purely cosmetic and do not provide any combat advantage. Century: Age of Ashes is completely free to play. To keep the gaming experience fair and equitable, in-app purchases are purely cosmetic. Battles are won only through skill and teamwork.

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