Epic And Time Studios Launches Martin Luther King Jr.’s Educational Experience In Fortnite

Fornite has hosted brand presentations and digital concerts with real-life celebrities, but hasn’t hosted many events that would normally be called “educational.” This is changing as Epic and Time Studios have teamed up to launch a gameplay dedicated to the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

To answer your immediate questions, this is not in the least competitive and Dr. King does not appear as an in-game character or a purchasable skin. Rather, the event, called The March Through Time, marks the upcoming anniversary of the March for Jobs and Freedom (August 28), allowing players to peacefully watch all the speeches of the late civil rights leader. I have a dream speech in the world of Fortnite. The event starts today and can be described as one-year.

Players are transported to a “reimagined” version of Washington, DC in 1963. As you can see from the trailer, the event serves as a kind of interactive museum that takes players through the historical sites around the National Mall and Lincoln Memorial. Completing the co-op mini-games rewards you with a special DC 63 spray.

In accordance with Time, the event is inspired by MLK’s interactive exhibition Marsh, which opened last February at the DuSable African American History Museum in Chicago. The same creative partners who brought this exhibition to life have also shared their talents with March Through Time in collaboration with members of the Fortnite creative community.

“Time Studios’ mission is to use innovative new formats to tell the world’s most impressive stories,” said Ian Orefis, President of Time Studios. “We are thrilled to present our first gaming experience and expand our groundbreaking project The March, which began as an immersive exhibition, to the global educational event March Through Time at Fortnite Creative.”

You can find out more about the event by visiting Epic Games Blog

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