Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world of Grim Dawn

When I played my first RPG game 20 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that this ubiquitous mouse and keyboard would ever be transferred to a controller, and that I would be playing our own game. Gloomy dawn, on the TV screen, without getting up from the couch.

It’s also so natural that it’s surprising that ARPG has only just started making its way to consoles in recent years. When we first went to port Gloomy dawn On the Xbox side, we weren’t sure if we’d have to make changes to the monsters or mechanics, but it turned out to be a pleasure to play with a controller. Xbox players will soon have the same experience as on PC. No concessions, nothing has been cut or changed.

We are very excited about the coming of the next era in Gloomy dawn a story and a new audience that is about to explore the darkest corners of its vast, immersive world. With seven story acts and years of free updates included with the Definitive Edition, there’s a lot for the newcomer to discover.

My favorite addition to this day is probably our roguelike dungeons. They offer just the right amount of tension and reward, especially when you’re trying to get rid of them at the lower levels. I never got worried playing hardcore mode, where one death means your character is ready. Greetings to those who do this! Our roguelike dungeons offer a taste of such a bold commitment without requiring death on every attempt, and for me it’s the perfect balance of risk and reward.

However, these dungeons are just the tip of the final game iceberg. Between the Crucible’s wave attack mode, the endless development of the Shattered Realm and our super-bosses, everyone is sure to find some pleasant goals to strive for. That’s a mind-boggling amount of content.

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Gloomy dawn replete with knowledge and secrets to be discovered by the players. Choosing meaningful quests with consequences and joining conflicting factions means that your characters can really play a role in shaping the world around them.

To this day, players analyze the history of the game and form their own theories about the events of the past and their significance for the future. Gloomy dawn… Reading these theories, even some of them grossly imprecise, has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my work in developing Gloomy dawn… At the same time, it’s really nice to see the players put together the puzzle pieces and figure out exactly what happened.


As we get closer to the console version release Gloomy dawnWe’re thrilled to have new voices join the community, suggesting their own ideas and inventing their own builds using 36 class combinations and thousands of items.

If this is your first time joining us on console, we can’t wait to get you started on your adventure today!

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Gloomy Dawn: Definitive Edition

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US $ 54.99

Enter a dark fantasy world where humanity is struggling to survive in this epic pack that combines Grim Dawn and three expansive expansions. Evolve challenging characters, collect hundreds of exotic unique items and make decisions that affect the characters you meet with irreparable consequences as you explore a vast world filled with countless enemies and huge dungeons. Team up with numerous factions and become the bane of your enemies to battle their most powerful agents in this epic ARPG adventure. Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition contains the base Grim Dawn experience and two expanding expansion packs that will enhance your adventures with new environments, enemies and quests, hundreds of additional unique items, and three new character classes.

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