Enjoy the picturesque local West of Cornwall in Train Sim World 2


  • Review of the latest Sim World Train 2 Itinerary, a beautiful local branch of West Cornwall.
  • The route crosses the Great Western Railway and runs through beautiful countryside, beautiful beaches and beautiful cities.
  • Discover class 150 and 37 locomotives, vans, a wide range of gameplay and even a sea monster …

Travel the beautiful scenery of the Cornish coastline on the West Cornwall local line. Sim World Train 2 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

As a UK-based developer, when the pandemic limited travel, the choice of route in the UK mainland that we should take was clear. We had many requests for itinerary in Cornwall, the most southwest region of the UK, and we could see why – it has beautiful countryside, stunning beaches and wonderful cities.

The Great Western Railroad was built in the 1830s and is known as the Holiday Line, which served Victorian-style holidaymakers back and forth to some of the most popular resorts of the time. Since then, the railway has apparently been modernized and remains an extremely popular route today.

For the West Cornwall local route, we are adding a new train in Train Sim World 2, class 150/2, which is in the regional railways livery. It is a multi-unit diesel passenger train designed to travel at 75 mph (121 km / h) and is still in operation in various parts of the UK.

Sim World Train 2

Also included is a class 37 diesel locomotive, which we have updated to match the version most frequently encountered on the route. The route also includes two carriages; Turbot and Seacow, which means there is a huge amount of gameplay options, whether you like to move passengers along the slower scenic sections of the route or speed up the trucking of the main sections. We’ve also included a guided train wash and refueling line at Long Rock Depot in Penzance to create even more variety.

In addition to 5 scenarios and 67 services, we have fun hiding collectibles such as travel posters and luggage carts all along the route – it’s up to you to find them all! And, as if that weren’t enough, those who have earned the mastery bounty can also face the Kraken, the legendary sea monster!

Sim World Train 2

With its beautiful beaches, rolling hills and bustling cities, a wide range of gameplay options including an additional branch to St Ives, West Cornwall Local for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, everyone will find something for themselves. You can pick up Sim World Train 2 with Xbox Game Pass, and this new route to explore is available now.

Train Sim World® 2: West Cornwall Locality: Penzance – St Austell & St Ives

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US $ 26.99

Experience the rolling hills and picturesque countryside of the Great Western on a classic British diesel tractor along the West Cornwall route from Rivet Games: Penzance – St Austell & St Ives. Opened in 1867, Cornwall’s main line runs through the landscape that connects Cornwall to the rest of the country. Brunel originally built the track for his unique 7-foot “wide gauge”, but in 1892 the route was converted to standard gauge. In areas outside the main line, branches branch off to serve local communities, such as the St Ives Bay Line. Your task is to take responsibility for the various services on this scenic route; carry passengers across the Cornish countryside on local routes and return and travel on the St Ives Line on BR 150/2 Regional Railways. Or take on the challenge of hauling goods across the hills with the BR Class 37/5.

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Sim World® 2 Train

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US $ 29.99

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Xbox Game Pass

Train Simulation Evolution! Master iconic locomotives and get creative with customization tools in this expanded sequel. AUTHENTIC ROUTES – Feel the thrill of high-speed German rail on the famous DB ICE 3M track from Cologne, take on the long-range cargo challenge at Sand Patch Grade on the CSX AC4400CW and conquer the challenging London Underground on the Bakerloo Line. CREATIVE TOOLS – Personalize your journey with new easy-to-use tools. Create custom liveries with the liveried constructor and select the locomotives / destinations you want to drive through with the scenario planner. REALISTIC GAMEPLAY – SimuGraph® has evolved with realistic adhesion physics. Improved visual fidelity also adds dynamic sky and 4K support. IMMERSIVE SIMULATION – Get clear information on instructions, gradients and more while driving with a new immersive interface and controls. Climb into the cockpit in Train Sim World 2.

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