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After months of hard work, we’re almost ready to release our new Precinct update and the Make it Count DLC, as well as rock the Chicago ban. We’re all very excited to have you play it, so while we’re working on release day, why not share our excitement and showcase some new design and gameplay features?

Updating parcels

The Lots are definitely our most ambitious change in the game, so let’s start with that. Plots are subdivisions of neighborhoods that provide a new level of control. Right now, you can build or burn a racket anywhere from a municipal pier to Chinatown and claim your claim. It’s a lot of fun at the start of the game, but as the game progresses, we feel it gets too predictable. Because the updates are done on a case-by-case basis, managing the rackets scattered throughout the city requires significant administrative effort for any up-and-coming Mafia boss. Also, once you have enough rackets, losing an extra one to your opponent will not greatly affect your game.

First, with the renewal of the district, economic control was streamlined. You can track your rackets, section by section, from one easy-to-use screen.

This is a more efficient way to manage your empire and keep an eye on the parts that need attention, leaving you time to fulfill other requirements related to the mafia boss.

In terms of expansion, territories are built up gradually, painting your faction in colors on the map, as well as customizing your supply line. Another important element of your empire, supply lines that form a pathway for delivering supplies to your territories and ensuring that your money is safely returned to you. This means that it is bad news if your supply line is disrupted by the enemy and your territory is cut off, stopping the flow of money until the supply line is restored. However, it also gives you new offensive strategy options: the only way to get around the enemy is to go through them, and if well planned, you can surround their territory without giving them a way out.

So how do you own the site? Just get out the Depot. This is a lot control building, and control will not pass to you until you claim it. Warehouses cannot be underestimated. Security heavy and they can pull reinforcements from the surrounding rackets to aid in defense. This gives you options when it comes to capturing the site.

Attacking the surrounding rackets first eliminates reinforcements, removing them from the battle at the depot. Of course, you can quickly kill and attack the depot directly. You will face a lot of opponents, but bring enough firepower and they won’t be able to stop you.

Interestingly, we found that adding lots was a great motivator for the AI. Currently, AI attacks on your rackets take place anywhere in the city. Thanks to the sections, the attack zones have been significantly reduced. With fewer choices, the AI ​​has become more focused on attack areas, with an emphasis on breaking supply lines. This adds another layer to your strategy game: territories bordering the AI ​​can focus mainly on security upgrades to prepare for these attacks, leaving the interior — the heart of your empire — to focus on profitable upgrades.

The parcels provide deeper strategy options while avoiding the current pitfalls. By dividing neighborhoods into lots, you can gain more (and lose the same amount) by fighting for control. Every decision you make carries more weight, and a good empire building strategy is important. Empire of Sin’s approach to territory wars gives you a sense of realism, a sense of what it’s like to cut down your own land, and more importantly, what it takes to preserve and improve it. It matters where you choose your battles and how you plan your next move, which makes the gameplay more meaningful.

To track your trajectory throughout the game, your campaign is divided into four steps. Starting with your humble beginnings in Chicago, these Acts determine your progress and provide different rewards for each achievement. Act I, The Roaring Twenties, starts with every new game session and halves the police activity generated by the rackets. You go to Act II Paint the City Red when a third of the territory is owned by you and the AI, reducing buyout costs by 25%. Once a third of all major factions have been eliminated, you will go to Act III, Under Arms, and reduce the cost of Racket buildings by 25%. The final act, Top View, triggers after half of all major factions have been destroyed, and rewards you with reduced gangster recruitment costs.

Players speak a lot about the police, so it is about the police. Well, we heard you! As you manage your sites, we’ve made the presence of the police and how they interact with you more obvious. The meaning of suspicion in the current game is sometimes difficult to decipher. It affects each racket differently, so it relies on your own judgment. With the introduction of precincts, we’ve added a police activity number for the entire precinct, which is much easier to track. This value is positively or negatively influenced by your actions and decisions. Keep your number low and it will be easier for the police to turn a blind eye to your actions. However, even the dirtiest cops cannot ignore the most arrogant criminal endeavors. As police activity increases, clients spend less, become less likely to drink in areas with a large police presence, and the police may even raid some of your racketeers to look busy.

Make it count dlc

This goes for the highlights of the free update (yes, you read that right, everything mentioned so far comes with the free Precinct update). Let’s take a look at some of the new features coming in the Make It Count premium DLC.

We first turn to the new mafia boss in the room. Maxim Zelnik is the son of a Brooklyn butcher who cooks both books and corpses. Along with a sharp mind, Zelnik brings other nuances to the role of the Boss. As a go-between for hot-tempered gangsters, Zelnick has adapted his boss ability to this particular skill.

He can force a truce between two warring factions, and when money is tight, he makes gangsters work for free twice as long as they usually allow. And that’s not even counting the unique combat abilities of Maxim! We already know that Bolster the Ranks will be a fan favorite. In battle, with the chips down, Maxim whistles from two bodyguards who are building up a serious fever to help turn the tide of the fight. This is an awesome feature that changes the dynamics of combat and is a lot of fun to play.

Together with Maxim, a new enterprise appears where you can earn money. Loan Sharking opens its doors in Chicago with an alcohol-free racket. Of course, this does not mean that the service of printing money will be easy. The loan sharks are integrated into the economy, and while they do not have clients like regular rackets, they still affect the county’s economy.

The dollar that pays off the loan is the dollar that cannot be spent in the cafe! Then there are the clients themselves. The shark loan has a unique set of events involving debtors who can’t get your money back and are counting on your input to get it off the hook. How you deal with them is entirely up to you. Your Honor Rating affects the likelihood of default, so if you are the Boss of Words, people know they need to be paid. However, refusing to pay too many will hurt your honor, so keep in mind that some people will have to learn the hard way.

There are several more new faces in the city. The Make It Count DLC includes The Fixers, five brand new gangsters who specialize in problem solving. From crooked judge Ma “Column” Miller to Black Market artifact dealer Dr. Ada Santos, each Fixer provides a unique, memorable character. Having a Master on your team allows you to hire two gangsters who hate each other thanks to their mediation skills and allows you to bribe your way out of certain battles. Although, after hearing what they can do in battle, you might need a crowbar.

Craftsmen have unique abilities such as Trap Mines and Crow’s Feet. Crow’s feet are a sharp anti-entry weapon ideal for crowd control in dense buildings. They are very effective and, when launched at the right time during combat, can put you in control.

In addition to everything mentioned here, you will be busy with many new missions and events, as well as new items, weapons, interiors, paths to victory, improved buildings and disclosures of bosses. It might be better to keep some details, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise.

We can’t wait to see Empire of Sin play with the Precinct Update and Make It Count DLCs, both coming out on November 18th.

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