Embr Adds Secret Hosr Mode For Some Suspicious Multiplayer Games

It’s clear that multiplayer with a twist of cheating has been in vogue ever since Among us took off and the latest game to implement this concept is Embr… A colorful and chaotic co-op game, your goal is to extinguish the fire and complete a number of other tasks, and now the free update called “Secret Khosr” adds another twist.

The core of the update is new challenges and larger milestones suitable for teams of four, but someone can go for a “rogue” and become a saboteur. You can see the trailer above and the official annotation below:

Unfolding today new multiplayer mode Secret Hosr throws four respondents on even longer missions, with more clients and dangerous explosives that are slowly being destroyed and need to be destroyed.

But there is more to Secret Hosr than meets the eye. For the first time, you will be working against one of your teammates. Agent Khosra has infiltrated your mission and is trying to undermine your mission. You will have to ensure the safety of your clients, the building and defuse the bombs. If you think you’ve figured out who the saboteur is among you, use your one-time report to vote against him. But was this bomb blast deliberate or just a slip of the hand? Was this client killed or did they accidentally miss the trampoline? Can you spot innocent mistakes as a result of deliberate sabotage?

The update will add new content and mode today. if you are make if you want to play online, you should team up with friends; When reviewing the game, we found the online lobby to be hard to find as the Switch version lacks cross-platform support.

Let us know in the comments if you plan on trying this.

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