Elden Ring sells better than Call Duty and Cyberpunk, now mainstream

Tarnished delivers a whipping blow to the opponent.

Image: FromSoftware

Latest NPD data show that FromSoftware’s latest grueling RPG, ancient ringbeats the real titans as it sells better than Call of Duty: VanguardProblems Cyberpunk 2077And How Highlights of Paul Tassi from Forbesshipped to “half of lifetime sales total Dark souls trilogy”, leaving his brothers and sisters FromSoft Bloody and Sekiro in digital dust. With 13.4 million copies ancient ring now sent, according to Bandai Namco’s latest financial report, souls The genre is no longer a niche.

As already mentioned elsewhere, the most recent Call of Duty definitely not a hit. The publisher has blamed the title’s setting not convincing enough, but weak campaign and intense allegations and public attention to Activision Blizzard’s work environment here should not be ignored. Although not necessarily original, to suggest that Call of Duty basically spinning its wheels in the dirt and offering basically the same experience with every entry, ancient ring and the dominance of the Soulsborne genre is incredible.

Even challenging sales numbers are challenging Cyberpunk 2077a game that had incredible momentum (which took it to 13.7 million in just the first few weeks before everything came crashing down) is worth watching given the media frenzy surrounding this game.

However, it’s not just the potential downsides of these huge games that make this situation so remarkable. scarce Call of Duty experience and expected decline Cyberpunk 2077 sales should not detract from the remarkable success of FromSoftware’s latest release. souls games that ancient ring in all but name, this is a series that, to be honest, has so far mostly been a niche micro-genre of incredibly complex games that have appealed to a dedicated fan base. They were mostly owned by a select few who were willing to put up with a lot of frustration for the sake of playing a game where few people try to hold your hand in quests or navigation.

Any game could fill the space left Call of Duty and Cyberpunkso the question arises why ancient ring? Maybe ancient ring arrived at a time when enough people outside of the usual fan base became curious enough to know what was around souls about the game was, if not before its release, then certainly after word has spread about this game. Kotakuown review not only praised him for his own achievements, but also considered his place in the legacy souls games; it also likely helped that George R.R. Martin, a name with a fantasy heritage that many associate with impressive world-building and intriguing storylines, was attached to the project. BUT legacy of favorite games with a recognizable celebrity name can go a long way in creating hype and interest.

It often seems like there is an eternal conversation about value in play spaces. time and Money in a video game. The buzz about this game does not include the suspicion that it is wasting your time or that it wants to empty your wallet due to the ever-changing microtransaction market. This sprawling (mostly) single-player adventure isn’t a bad way to spend $60. Perhaps in the end, it may be too difficult for some, but deciding that the game is not for you is very different from feeling that the game is trying to use you.

ancient ring also goes against the trends we see in many open world games that players can get tired of – maps cluttered with waypoints and activities, a constant, predictable stream of new skills, new story content, new equipment. ancient ring of course there are these things, but they are presented in such a way that you feel like you are actually discovering them for yourself, and not like the game curves back to ensure that you are aware of every last place you can go and what you you can do.

Torrent and the Tarnished jump across a chasm in the vast world of Elden Ring.

Image: FromSoftware

While some games may now seem like empty, hassle-free work, ancient ring more than happy to challenge players with challenging yet masterable gameplay and lots of secrets to find.

And although the difficulty ancient ring very real, the game offers a different approach than in the past souls titles. ancient ringThe game’s gameplay loop blends with the open world in a way that is more than just a harrowing march through brutal enemy forces. You have the space and time to get used to the game in ways you might not Dark souls. So while the game is an difficult, talk about it was so often accompanied by a caveat: yes but you can explore a bit more and get used to it. If you hit a wall in one area, there are often others that you can explore before returning, more prepared to overcome the challenges that previously held you back. Returning to the topic of time and money, many can see the incredible value in buying a full price video game that they can go back to, explore, experiment with different character builds and just try to get better.

ancient ring since February, it has consistently ranked in the top three best-selling Steam games every week. viral rumor, impressive feats from streamers looking to take the challenge to the next level – all come together to keep ancient ring central to any conversation about gaming right now, with sales figures backing it up in dollars and units sold.

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