Elden Ring fans say piercing weapons are overpowered after the patch

Knight of Elden Ring attacks the dragon.

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bringing us one inch closer to ancient ring DLC, patch 1.07 FromSoftware, released a week ago, introduced balance changes to PvP, magic and spells, skills, and several long-awaited bug fixes. It’s been a few days now and players have already noticed that while the patch allowed all build types to stretch their legs, with an overall balance boost and even more attack power for some spells, it was especially good for people. who loves poke with one of the games many piercing swords.

“We have endour pokers, we have shield pokers, we have determination pokers, we have bull goat pokers, everyone take your pokers!” one Reddit user wrote in the PvP thread after the patch. Is it time to take a poke? You were suddenly transported to Facebook in 2011? I am happy to inform you.

Should I use a death poker or a stabbing sword?

Of course, if you want. The benefit of patch 1.07 is that it gives everyone a little bit of fun. Poison Mist, for example, has received increased status accumulation, and the big boy’s useful spells like Loretta’s Greatbow and Bloodfire Claws don’t drain as much FP. Power weapons like Hammers and some Colossal weapons deal better balance damage, and some of the traditionally sluggish Colossal Sword attacks even move faster.

However, in terms of skills or weapons, piercing weapons have received a general boost that players have reported becoming more common. in PvP matches. The Impaling Thrust skill now has increased movement speed and attack power, as well as a reduced time between the ability to perform any action, such as a roll or replenish HP, and the start or end of the skill. Other piercing skills such as Piercing Fang and Repetitive Thrust have received more or less the same benefits.

They are an important advantage, good for ranged attacks with power behind them and since they can being thin, a stabbing weapon often complements a staff or shield.

But since patch 1.07 useful for so many builds, don’t feel like you have to scramble and completely rethink your approach to piercing weapons just because everything seems to use them for PvP. Learn about their benefits, test a few, like Lance, Godskin Stitcher or Bloody Helis, if you are interested. But PvP, in my opinion, can be most interesting when everyone plays with a unique build that they enjoy playing with.

As for the Death Poker, while its name may have inspired Reddit’s aversion to “poking,” the strength-enhancing greatsword isn’t actually as piercing as other, more flexible stabbing weapons. However, his Ghostfire Ignite Skill creates an interesting, powerful blow or ghostflame explosion. It’s a formidable weapon and worth a try, but it hasn’t been updated in the patch.

What should I do with Endure?

Aside from a lot of poker, PvP players are frustrated with the ubiquitous post-patch Endure Skill and Ash of War, which is also often paired with the ubiquitous the aforementioned poke.

After version 1.07, Stamina, which increases balance and reduces damage taken, lasts longer, cannot be broken due to blood loss or frostbite, and the delay between non-attack actions, such as using an item, has been reduced. It’s powerful. FROMsome might even say too powerful. And since it is very difficult for the player to stagger because of this, it is tiring to fight him.

Some players have reported that they just wait for the stamina effects to wear off before even trying to hit an opponent using it, but you can also try Holy Relic Sword, which has Golden Wave, a faith scaling skill capable of breaking an Endure user. I guess the next patch will fix the Endure, but if not, it should! Good luck.

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