EA Says FIFA Ultimate Team’s Alternative Loot Box, Preview Packs, Was “ Very Well Received ”

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said the new Preview Packs feature in FIFA Ultimate Team was “very well received.”

This feature reduces the random element of loot-box style game packs, allowing users to see what’s in the pack before deciding whether to buy it.

Speaking on Wednesday during a publisher’s Q1 earnings call, Wilson said, “As far as Preview Packs go, the short answer is that it was very well received by the community.

“You know, our FIFA Ultimate Team [developers] we always work very closely with our community of players. FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in this game by a wide margin, and we are always working to offer new, innovative and creative ways to interact, connect with friends, connect with the world of football and create your Ultimate Team.

“The Preview Packs, as I said, were well received. We saw an increase in engagement and we saw a higher conversion rate of funds spent.

EA Says FIFA Ultimate Team's Alternative Loot Box, Preview Packs, Was `` Very Well Received ''
Preview Packs allow players to see the contents of a Loot Crate before deciding whether to buy it.

“I would say it is nearing the end of the season, so some of this data should be used in this context, but the team is committed to continuing to innovate in and around the offerings and programs we have put together for them. our players, and we believe that over time we will be able to develop this business. “

The FIFA Ultimate Team Pre-Pack System was introduced in June and was originally designed for a month only. However, on the day it was supposed to end, EA instead added preview packs to the game store as an alternative to the standard packs.

While regular player packs are essentially “loot boxes,” players pay for in-game currency up front and then are shown the contents of the pack, pre-packs allow players to first see the contents of a set before they decide whether to buy it.

When the package is opened, a countdown begins (usually 24 hours). If a player does not want to buy a preview package, they must wait until the timer expires before it is replaced with a new preview package. During this time, they can change their mind and buy a package, or keep buying standard packages (no previews) while they wait.

It has yet to be announced if pre-packs will return in FIFA 22 or remain a time-limited experiment.

During an EA call on Wednesday, Wilson said returning to releasing a new Battlefield game every two years “probably makes sense.”

He also revealed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition sales “far exceeded” EA’s expectations, and said the company plans to continue investing in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order franchise.

And the company’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen, said EA is not getting enough recognition for the way it works with the studios it has acquired.

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