Drifblim will take you to hell

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Each Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play tons Pokemonbut I love the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So here’s another Pokemon! It’s Drifblim!

Details Drifblim

Type: Ghost / Flying

Average height: 3 ’11 “

Average Weight: 33.1 lbs.

First added in Generation IV

The nights are getting cooler, the leaves on the trees are starting to turn orange and yellow, and eerie decorations appear everywhere. These are signs that we have entered the best month of the year: October. And according to tradition in these parts (these parts represent this silly weekly episode in which I bully pokemon for a few hundred words) Throughout October, we will be talking about creepy, creepy and scary Pokémon ghosts. We start the month with a special Drifblim entry. It’s a big ghost that gets out of hand and will take you or your loved ones … somewhere! Nobody really knows.

Why is this big flying ghost so special? Well, this is an evolved form of Driflun, the third Pokemon I covered with this strangely long feate. It’s hard to believe that this thing is already its third year. So, years later, let’s finally get to Drifblim.

In many ways, this is exactly what I expected: a bigger balloon. This is useful for Drifblim as one problem that Drifloon faced was that it couldn’t lift most of the kids. This is not a problem for this large balloon. In fact, according to Bulbapedia, Drifblim, as you know, grabbed adult adults and carried them to unknown places. Some speculate that he does indeed carry them over to the other side.

But I think there is a more obvious and less creepy explanation. The Pokedex entries say that Drifblim has no control over where it drifts. All he can do is go down, letting air out. (He does this to grab people and Pokémon.) If so, then not only does no one know where Drifblim is leading people, but I assume it doesn’t even know. He, like his victims, just drives. Leaf in the wind. Purple balloon in the wind. A feather in … OH NO !! Carefully!! POWER LINES!!!!

Random facts

  • According to one Pokedex entry, a man once made a trip to the Driftblim. However, he never returned and has gone missing to this day. Maybe he was taken to the spiritual dimension?
  • Or, more likely, he was drunk, fell overseas, and died. Happy Halloween.
  • Obviously, if you spot one of them, they will simply disappear. Nothing. These things are not real. Sorry, I wasted your time.

Best commentary from last week

“Camerupt literally explodes when angry,” they should call it Gamerupt. “


Okay, buddy. You are clearly better than me in all this. So now you are in charge of this function!

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