Dreamscaper Release Date Advances to Change


While game delays have been an inevitability in recent times, we occasionally have a bit of a title at first to balance things. Next version of Switch eShop Dreamscaper it’s the last game to do this; is now due out a week before August 5th, which coincides with its upgrade to version 1.0 on Steam.

This is a rogue action RPG, but before we touch on ‘next’ because, let’s be honest, a lot of games fall into this category, it’s worth noting that this aims at a slightly different approach to their history and systems. It mixes very different daytime routines with nighttime battles, which could be an interesting turnaround; we had one brief chat with developers as part of our E3 coverage.

Some more blurbs are below:

Dream. Mori. I woke up. Repeat. Cassidy, a troubled young woman, finds herself stuck in a brutal cycle. Every night, her bright dreams take her to strange and dangerous places inhabited by creatures manifested by their fears and anxieties. Guide Cassidy through the dreamy dungeon modes, defeat nightmarish enemies using a series of imaginative weapons and spells, and make friends with a fascinating cast of characters during the waking hours to unlock powerful abilities.

The 1.0 release of Dreamscaper it tells the full story of Cassidy, with many endings and a dynamic difficulty cursor. Two new themes – Regret and Resentment – bring their brute heads to the launch, as well as a new dream environment to explore.

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