Dreadful Henry’s Crazy Cards and Wrong Spelling Coming Soon to Switch

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It’s a day for the kart racers, it seems, with confirmation that Crazy Henry Cards Coming to Switch eShop on January 21 in the UK it will cost £ 24.99. As the name suggests, it features characters and scenery from the cartoon of the same name, so this one is primarily aimed at young children.

There is currently no trailer, but we’ve included some screenshots and official info below. We are a little confused by the side perspective, but no doubt it will become clearer when some video material comes out.

Join Henry in the ultimate go-kart race and compete with friends, family, or go solo as you overcome obstacles in your path and knock down your opponents to get ahead. Choose from a range of pranks from Henry’s Chest of Tricks, including Slime Squirt, Fizzy Foam, Gross Goo, Snot Bag and more, plus hilarious sound effects such as a powerful megaphone, scary fart, Tyrannosaurus roar, fairy dust and wonder music to send your friends to the mail and take off on the winner’s podium!

In this fun and terrifying game, you can choose from six characters including Horrible Henry, Perfect Peter, Brainy Brian and Moody Margaret, with a choice of 6 racing maps that can be customized in the workshop with an exciting fun choice of engines. wheels and colors. There are 10 tournament cups, 4 racing spots, 40 levels and even the ability to create your own outstanding level to share with your friends … the fun is endless!

It may be worth exploring for parents of young children; let us know what you think, as always, in the comments.

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