Drake now owns Pharrell Williams’ $20,000 golden PlayStation

Hey, welcome, let’s take a break from industry news and global rock and talk about rap videos and the very, very expensive PlayStation Portable.

Producer, rapper and anime enthusiast Pharrell Williams has been a bit known for owning a 14k gold Blackberry for a very long time (I told you that was a very long time ago). In 2008, to continue the theme, he bought a PSP and “ordered The PSP case is made of 14 carat gold instead of the standard plastic.”

This shiny many the heavier PSP (660g compared to the standard 280g PSP) was not meant to be carried in a pocket; to complement the extravagance of the portable device itself – which was not an ornament, he still used it for gaming –Farrell also made a custom case for Goyard.

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Why am I telling you this now, in 2023? Partly because I just found out about it and thought the idea of ​​Pharrell Williams getting a golden PlayStation Portable is the most extravagant act of The Last Days of Rome before the GFC that I can share on this website in features that are all about the history of video games.

I’m also telling you this in 2023 because that same PSP has just arrived in the new Drake video, after The Canadian rapper spent several million dollars buying some of Pharrell’s old stuff – mostly jewelry –on the auction. The PSP is visible after just a few seconds, waving at the screen around 0:50 and comes very close to the camera at 1:29:

Drake – Jumbotron Shit Poppin (Official Music Video)

If you want to see more PSP photos, here is the auction list (on Farrell’s own auction site)which shows that last year it was sold for 19 dollars375

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