Dragon Quest treasures lift the veil on monster recruitment and more

Image: Square-Enix / Nintendo Life

With Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3, and Sonic Frontiers coming out in the coming weeks and months, you may have forgotten that a small game called Dragon Quest Treasures is coming to Switch on December 9, 2022.

Although stated as Dragon Quest A spin-off during Nintendo Direct Mini’s own reveal earlier this year, Treasures does however include a plethora of characters, locations and monsters to discover, and Square-Enix has now cracked the lid on some more of the game’s core mechanics.

First of all, we are waiting for a deep dive into the world of monster recruitment. The main characters Eric and Mia can fight the monsters scattered across the land of Draconia; after being defeated, some of them may want to join your party and provide unique abilities to help you on our adventure. Monsters are color-coded based on their rarity, including bronze, silver, gold, and rainbow. Rainbow-colored monsters are the rarest and therefore the hardest to recruit.

Square-Enix also went into detail about the types of monsters you’ll be recruiting. First up is a unique character named Usabella, a cute pink slime that can always be found wearing an adorable yellow bow. In addition, we will see a fire dragon, a stormy saber-toothed cat and a Valhalla vulture. You can check out each of these monsters in the images below.

Finally, we’ll also be introduced to a mechanic known as “Fortes”, which are unique monster abilities that will help Erik and Mia navigate the dangerous lands of Draconia. These include a Launch Forte that allows Erik and Mia to reach high ledges, a Glide Forte to cover long distances and avoid falling damage, a Sprint Forte to move quickly across the ground, a Stealth Forte to allow diving underground and avoid sharp-eyed the eye of enemies and finally the Scan Forte which will be crucial for finding key crafting materials.

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