Dragon Ball Z Coming to Fortnite Ahead of Superhero Movie

Goku welcomes the second amendment.

Screenshot: Bandai Namco / Kotaku

Fortnitethe developers were so concerned about whether they could do it that they didn’t even consider if they should. And now, after weeks of data leaks, it’s finally official: Dragon Ball Z takes over Fortnite August 16th. My first impulse after summoning Shenron would be to burn the image of Goku with the MK7 into my internet-filled brain.

Epic Games kept Thursday’s disclosure until single tease via tweet with a golden silhouette of a mythical dragon. It looks like we’ll have to wait until August 16th to get a full update and a blog post outlining how the new crossover event will work and how far it will last. Dragon Ball the rabbit hole will go. I guess at least players will be able to collect wish granting dragon balls from all over the map and perform a spirit bomb or two. Also Goku shoot Captain America with an automatic.

Assumption about DBZ the event has been in the works for a few weeks, ever since Fortnite Liquor Shiina published the discovery a logo that looked suspiciously like Bulma’s Capsule Corp in the game files. A couple of weeks later, possible skin names for Goku, Wageta and Beerus. also seems to have leaked. The fourth mentioned the name “Barium”, which some fans interpreted as a nod to Bulma.

The timing also made sense, since the last film, Dragon Ball Super: Superherodebuts in North America on August 18. at EVO 2022 what Dragon Ball SlayerZ will be updated for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and the rollback network code will appear in new versions and on PC in the future. There’s even a new asymmetric 1 vs. horror game. 7 titled Dragon Ball: Destroyers coming out later this year.

Fortnite was also busy. Aspiring Metaverse brought in Metroid Superfan John Cena With WWE mini crossover this has spread to other recently purchased multiplayer hits, rocket league as well as autumn boys. battle royale also broken ground with new players thanks to a mode that finally gets rid of the powerful but goofy building mechanics of the game.

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