Double XP Weekend, Limited Time 32v32 Mode, and More in Super Animal Royale


Super Animal World has a great weekend! Earn Double experience to speed up your Season 0.5 Animal Pass and play for a limited time Saw vs Rebellion 32v32 first time on Xbox. Both are live now and will run until this Sunday (Aug 1) at 11:59 pm PT.

In the event that double XP is no longer enough to complete your Animal Pass, the new Animal Pass archive system coming in our next update will allow you to continue your progress in past seasons that you own. No need for FOMO anymore!

Just head over to the Archive as soon as a new update is out and you can redeem any tickets from the previous season you have to complete at your own pace. You can always purchase the current season of the Animal Pass for 550 SAW Tickets, while previous seasons will be available for 750 SAW tickets once they are archived.

SAW vs Rebellion (32v32) time-limited mode

Organize an uprising this weekend as a member of the Super Animal Super Resistance (SASR), or fight to stop him as part of the Super Animal World (SAW) Security Force.

Load in matches with a squad of up to 4 friends, and you will be in one of two teams of 32 people. You will then take off in one of two Giant Eagles, which will drop your team and your opponent’s team. opposite sides of the island.

Each team wins when it either defeats the entire enemy team of 32 animals or captures and holds 3 or more strategic flags on the island. Flags also provide loot on capture and a health buff when you are around them, so it’s important to prioritize them.

There are currently two time-limited modes in the game (32v32 and Mystery Mode), which we alternate for special events like this, and we’re working on others, so let us know what you want to see next!

Super Animal Royale Tonight

I’m sure a lot of developers will argue the same, but I really think we have one of the best communities out there, so we’re always looking for opportunities to draw attention to each of you.


SAR’s Super Animal Royale Tonight aims to do just that, with a new episode coming soon, which means it’s time to unveil your best game clips! In addition to SAR stories that sync with the island’s gameplay changes, the show features some of the best (highest skill) and brightest (funniest and most creative) clips from the community.

The clips for this release are due to be released on August 2 and you can get all the details on how to submit at Official SAR Discord Server, or see previous issues from South Africa Tonight Season 2 on YouTube.

In addition to the clips, this issue will also feature the best selections from the latest Super Fanart competition. You can You can view works from previous art competitions here or in the game on the walls of the Super Museum of Contemporary Art, and if you want to submit a piece, you can Find more information and submit an article by August 8 here

Finally, if you own Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, be sure to redeem your free copy of the SAR Founder’s Edition DLC courtesy of Game Pass privileges! The DLC includes 3 exclusive super animal breeds and 10 cosmetic items and is only available during game preview.

As always, your feedback helps us make the game better and better, so be sure to share what you want to see next on SAR on Discord. Twitter, Facebook or your chosen social platform. See you on the island, Super Animals!

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