DOTA 2 International is still happening, but without an audience

The crowd of spectators at the International 2019 in China.

Crowd viewers at International 2019 in China.
Photo: Hu Chengwei (Getty Images)

Valve has abandoned all plans for a large-scale live audience. DOTA 2 International tournament as the number of coronavirus cases in the host city of Bucharest, Romania continues to rise. The company also announced that all tickets will be returned immediately.

Valve has confirmed that the already postponed event will continue as planned, just without the crowd. The event starts on October 7 and runs until 17.

The International is Valve’s annual major tournament dedicated to its popular MOBA, DOTA 2. Last April Valve postponed the event indefinitely due to the “highly volatile environment of local fee restrictions, virus trajectory and global travel policy” that followed tThe ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At the time, Valve admitted that it had no idea when this event would return. Then in June 2021.Valve plans to host tournament in Sweden evaporated after the government of the country would not classify The International howelite sporting event”, Which would make it easier for players and staff to move there. during a pandemic.

In July, Valve has found a city ready to host the event: Bucharest, Romania. Aand only 12 days agoValve started selling tickets for the event. All of these tickets are now making a comeback as Romania grapples with rising covid infections.

Last week, loud pro-DOTA 2 club, Team Aster, announced in a Weibo post that several team members positive for Covid-19, including three players.

Some might suggest that it is not wise to accept giant international, personal events during an ongoing, deadly and (in some parts of the world) deterioration pandemic. Covid-19 killed millions of people around the world and new options and vaccine shortages in many countries are still make an already terrible situation, worst. If only there was some technologies that let the video game be play on some kind of vast network, allowing people to play safely in competitions without having to travel the world.

Maybe someday someone will invent something like this …

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