Doomed is a new mod for Minecraft that turns it into Doom 2016

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Doomed: Demons of the Nether Is a new free mod released today for Minecraft that turns an entire blocky survival game into an amazingly accurate recreation 2016 Rock reboot, complete with shotguns and even a BFG.

Demons may try to hide in mine craftbut Doomguy isn’t far behind.

That Doomed the mod was created by one developer, Sibogy, and has been in development for over a year. On the YouTube channel Sibogy, you can find tons of videos documenting the modder’s progress on an ambitious project. And now, after at least a year of work, the Sibogy mod is available for download and installation from today.

Receive Doomed work you need to have Java version of Minecraft installed on your PC. Then you just follow the steps indicated on the mod’s website and once you do, you will vomit and vomit in no time.

The mod is not just a reskin mine craftreplacing the cute textures of the game with more gray ones Rock creation. Instead, the mod also includes completely new game features and mechanics. You have to manage the ammo for each of the weapons, you can collect armor shards for extra damage protection, and much more. Sibogy even included tiny details from Rock (2016) is also in mod. For example, kakodemon will swallow grenades if you throw them in their mouth, like in an FPS reload.

Back on the Sibogy YouTube channel, you can find more videos of the mod’s gameplay in action, as well as videos showcasing the various weapons and demons included in Doomed: Demons of the Void.

Now the real question is: will this ambitious new Rock-thematic mine craft mod get ported to hundreds of different devices in the next 20 years? Or someday rats will play it on Twitch like a classic? Rock? Most likely not, but we’ll see.

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