Don’t worry, Super Mario 64’s “3D All-Stars” version is still likely to be the final version

Super Mario 64 in Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Image: Nintendo)

Nintendo announced last month that Nintendo 64 games will be available on its Switch Online service as a paid upgrade called an “expansion pack.”

All sorts of questions have been raised so far, but one keeps getting closer which version Super Mario 64 will receive the service? Last year, when Mario turned 35, Nintendo included a “limited time” version of Shindou. Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection with updated resolution and textures.

So which version of Switch Online will be? While Nintendo has yet to confirm exactly what we’re getting, we took the attached screenshot on its website and compared it to our own image from the 3D All-Stars version. As you can see, the N64 Switch Online version looks like a stock ROM, as you would expect. There were also suggestions could whether Shindou’s version is good or bad, depending on who you are talking to …

Nintendo Switch Online:

Super Mario 64 - Switch Online
Super Mario 64 – Switch Online (Image: Nintendo)

Super Mario 3D All Stars:

Super Mario 3D All Stars
Super Mario 3D All Stars (Image: Nintendo Life)

Here’s what we had to say about the Super Mario 64 updates featured in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars in our Nintendo Life roundup:

“Super Mario 64 is probably the most impressive update. It may have only been upscaled to 720p here, but the fact that it originally ran at 240p means you get a nice clean upscale with 3x vertical lines. The result is a brilliantly clean version of the game …

“… it’s not just the polygonal elements of the game that are getting sharper. Nintendo has also taken the time to rework all the sprite-based elements, and this move is probably the most notable improvement. All the text is beautiful and smooth, your life and star counters are sharp, and even things like snowfall during the winter stages look many better.”

So, in short – if you’re even a little distressed that Nintendo will make this particular N64 classic available so soon after the time-limited 3D Mario release, just keep in mind that the 3D All-Stars version of the game will most likely be the definitive edition (provided you are a fan of the Shindo version) – with all the modern touches that make it look better on Switch than ever.

Obviously, this is not the only topic of conversation about Switch Online lately. Nintendo allayed some concerns earlier this week by confirming that games for the N64 will run at 60Hz in Europe. Phew!

What do you think of Mario 64 being featured in the N64 lineup for Switch Online? Leave a comment below.

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