Don’t Worry Nintendo Is Not Ditching SNES Libraries and NES Switch Online

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s new tier for the Switch Online service has raised some concerns about future support for the SNES and NES libraries.

Will games continue to be added to this service, or has Nintendo done away with those old retro libraries for good? There seems to be nothing to worry about. Axios writer Stephen Totilo has been informed by Nintendo that more games will be added to the initial membership service.

“Nintendo informs me that more games will be added for the NES and SNES for people who will not take Nintendo Switch Online to the next level.”

In other words, fan favorites like Earthbound and Super Mario RPG there is still a chance to appear on the service. The most recent additions to these libraries: Claymates, Jelly Boy, Bombuzal and SP version Super Mario Brothers 3

While there is no pricing or release date for Nintendo’s new NSO level yet, we do know that it will be released with a “collection” of games for the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) – with more titles already confirmed as future releases.

Are you relieved to know that Nintendo will continue to support the SNES and NES online services? What games would you like to add to these libraries? Leave your thoughts below.

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