DoDonPachi Resurrection Review (Switch eShop)

Another time, another prestigious arcade game, shmup, finds a new home on the Switch. It might seem like we skipped right to the end of this review a few paragraphs earlier, but it’s been a decade since then. Resurrection of DodonPachiwith English The Xbox 360 release, moreover, since it debuted in Japanese slot machines and a few years after its release on Steam, there has been no point in keeping anyone on their toes: this hypnotic mix of bullets, lasers and shiny collectibles. undoubtedly one of the best. its type.

It’s also one of the most flexible ways to play of its kind, with eight different ways to play and seven of them with extensive training options, allowing anyone to practice all levels, bosses, and even mid-range bosses in any environment imaginable. The options available go so far that, as is the case with Espaluda IIAnyone with a keen desire to display the home screen slightly off the left at 107% magnification, automatically changing the background image every 38 seconds in one particular mode, can do so if they so desire.

Unfortunately, this lab testing is often necessary as all Resurrection game modes have incredible depth that is completely hidden behind useless names like ‘1.51’, ‘Version L’ and ‘Arrange’, or described – completely – as’ Play Black Label with planes from Ketsui‘; it is a proposal requiring a high level of familiarity with one particular type of Resurrection game, as well as knowledge of shmup, only available on Switch in Japan as a port for an old mobile game.

This lack of information is not a new problem and is not unique to Resurrection, but it is very frustrating to see that this is otherwise a great title. rubbish proudly showcasing everything it has to offer or explaining why it is so special – especially since many of the “secret” tricks and tricks are not intended for high-end fans, but are basic features designed to help players of all levels simply survive the onslaught of pre-rendered ships was heading in their direction. With a little guidance, Resurrection can be an addictive bullet canceling extravaganza where you are prompted to create and then maintain a hit combo that can bump into thousand, a game in which you can (and should) engage in thrilling laser battles against giant bosses, a game that, in certain modes, clearly changes the difficulty in real time as you play. However, you won’t know about it if you don’t already know or care enough to look for this information anywhere but one place where it should be – in the game.

Resurrection is arguably one of the best in its genre even after all these years and a lot of competition (many of which come from the Cave developers themselves). To play it is incessantly difficult, exciting, inventive and exciting; an indispensable purchase for diehard shmup aficionados. But it is also one that requires a lot of homework from you to get something meaningful out of it.

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