Do you like Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0?

Image: Nintendo Life

This week, the big release on Switch, or rather an update, was version 2.0. Animal Crossing: New Horizons… Many add-ons in the free update have been in demand for some time, such as Brewster’s Café, Gyroids, Kappn Boat Trips, tons items and much more.

There’s also the Happy Home Paradise DLC, an adorable paid add-on where you can hone your design skills. You can either buy it outright or subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack and gain access that way – both good options if you want a substantial expansion to the game.

We’ve had a ton of fun researching the smallest details of these updates, and it’s amazing how many little things there are when it comes to extra goodies like cooking and decorating. Social media is full of people having fun, and many players have shown a dizzying level of commitment to collecting everything and, among other things, creating incredibly attractive room designs.

But, we are interested in what you think about the update and the DLC. Nintendo’s goal in this one (and only) “major” update is to expand the game for newcomers and entice players from the old days. Do you think it succeeded? Do you have DLC or are you planning to get it? So many questions…

As always, share your thoughts in the polls and comments below.

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