Disney Dreamlight Valley: Friendship Festival Release Date and Update Content

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The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update has a ton of changes and new things, including new characters, new features, and quality of life improvements. We’re still learning all the new content that was added to the game in the February update, so be patient while we find out more!

Meet the Madrigal family…

Everything we know about the Friendship Festival update

When will the Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Festival update be released?

Kasita, Olaf and Mirabelle will appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley from February 16, 2023

Past updates were released at 9am ET. Here’s what it means in other time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 06:00 Thursday, February 16
  • GMT: 14:00 Thursday, February 16
  • CET: 15:00 Thursday 16 February.
  • JST: 23:00 Thursday 16 February
  • AEST: 00:00, Friday, February 17th.

Be sure to save the game in the cloud before update!

What’s new in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Festival update?

Here’s everything that’s been confirmed so far.

New characters

  • Mirabell (Encanto)
  • Olaf (Frozen)

It’s not yet clear how the two will be unlocked, although we do know that Mirabelle’s quest will require finding a doorknob for Casita. It is not known whether this opens a new Realm or just somewhere in an already existing city.

Here is a quick overview of Olaf:

New buildings

We know the Casita is a big part of this update and that’s where Mirabelle will live. Some fans are even starting to speculate that Bruno is in there somewhere too… but we don’t talk about it!

If Olaf gets his own house, then it will most likely have something to do with the new content in Frosted Heights… or while he just lives with Elsa.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Everything New in Latest Update
Image: Gameloft

“Discover the secrets of the Frost Heights Biome”

As announced in the roadmap, the Frost Heights biome will be the next biome to undergo changes once the Scar Kingdom update allows us to bring the Sunshine Plateau to life.

Looking at the update’s key image, it looks like we’ll be fixing the Pillar in Frost Heights and possibly gaining access to some kind of secret area blocked off by giant stone doors. And these are footprints?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Everything New in Latest Update
Image: Gameloft

New Star Trek for Disney’s 100th Anniversary

We already knew Star Trek for February would be Disney’s 100th anniversary, but we’ll have a full Star Trek breakdown soon! Until then, here’s what we know will be included:

  • 100th Anniversary Companion Rabbit
  • Mickey’s 100th birthday outfit
  • Minnie’s 100th birthday outfit

We can also assume that those black and white ears that the character is wearing in the key illustration are part of Star Trek since they are not yet in the game.

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