Digimon Survive has been recommended for the next level up and we hope this puts an end to the delays

When it comes to Digimon Survive, fans need to be very patient. Originally scheduled to launch in 2019, but then postponed until 2020, 2021, and then the last delay until 2022, this was certainly a long time frame.

Fortunately, the game has now received an official rating. ESRB, assuming its release isn’t that far off. In case you’re wondering, he was rated “Teenage”; here is what the ESRB said …

“This is a strategy / RPG visual novel in which players follow Japanese teenagers lost in a world of monsters. Following the storyline, players periodically engage in turn-based battles using digimons (monsters with special abilities). / capabilities).

As Human and Digimon characters move through the mesh battlefields, players select attack moves / skills from the menu and watch short animations of the monsters’ movements. Attacks can include kicks, bites, energy blasts, and elemental blasts. One cut-scene briefly depicts a still image of a blood-soaked corpse. Of the many attacking moves, Digimon can perform Poop Toss, which is depicted as a cartoon reel of poop thrown at opponents and is accompanied by soft sound effects. The words “sh * t”, “b * tch” and “p * ssed” “appear in the dialog.

You had soft poop sound effects.

The game’s producer recently posted a message to fans thanking them for their patience and stating that it will indeed be released in 2022. The post noted that there will be more news about the game “soon”, and given this rating, there is even more reason to believe the wait is almost over.

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