Digimon, Eat Your Heart: The RPG Monster Fusing Cassette Beasts Are Coming to the Next Level Soon

Pixel Game Fans Still Your Heart: The Cassette Beasts Comes To You From The Team That Worked On Starbound, Wargroove and Stardew Valley. Pokémon and Digimon fans, still save your heart because Cassette Beasts is all about catching, training, collecting and combining monsters to create unique, powerful creatures that will fight alongside you.

The open-world game has now been confirmed for Switch thanks to a partnership with publisher Raw Fury.

“Working with incredible talent at Bytten Studio is a real joy,” said Raw Fury CEO Jonas Antonsson. “Cassette beasts is the perfect title for Raw Fury and we can’t wait to bring players to the world with humor, monsters, friendship and a unique world. “

Bytten Studio, which is a two-person team made up of former Chucklefish artist and writer Jay Baileys and programmer and designer Tom Coxon, said the partnership felt like “collaboration,” saying the game “really wouldn’t be like this. without Raw Fury support. “

The game does not yet have a confirmed release window, except for the “Coming Soon” sign. Steam page… Follow this page to find out more!

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