DidYouKnowGaming Spare Rare Pokémon Lore From An Official “Lost” Pokédex

If you’re a fan of first-generation Pokémon games and the franchise tradition, which we suspect many are on these pages, then a recent video from Do you know Gaming? definitely worth a look. A project that has been evidently in operation for some time, translates and shares intriguing details that were not officially shared before outside of Japan.

When you go back to 1996 you were in a pre or early internet era, which made the gaming world much more fragmented between regions. That’s why the complete translation and presentation of a ‘lost’ Pokedex from 1996 is worth following for fans of the series. Considered the first official Pokedex, it was compiled by Creatures Inc. with input from Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri and released only in Japan. For this project the channel acquired a copy, scanned it with the people of @MMaestracci, and partnered with Rosemary Kelley (@NekkraGaming) narrate; is the voice of Western versions of Pokémon Presents shows.

A key part of the project is Nob Ogasawara (@DougDinsdale) as a translator; they translated the first 26 (!) Pokémon games as Nintendo employees, so they were deeply embedded in the tradition in the early days.

So, find a comfortable place and check it out below.


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