Devil May Cry smeared the whole hotel room in a Japanese capsule

The photo shows a view inside the room, which is covered with DMC art.

DMC everywhere you look!

Capsule rooms can be small but Devil May Cry the fandom is huge. Next month, Anshin Oyado Premier Nagoya Sakae in Nagoya will cover one of his capsules with gray-haired heroes VHI.

Capsule rooms are tiny, coffin-like rooms with small TVs. The first capsule hotel, Capsule Inn Osaka, opened in Osaka’s Umeda district in 1979. Since then, they have spread throughout the country. They have long been affordable options for accidents. late at night after missing the last train. and bbefore Japan’s ban on tourists, they were also popular and interesting options for foreign tourists.

As part VHItwentieth anniversary and Capsule hotel room was covered from wall to wall Devil May Cry posters and art. Whether you sleep on your left, right, or back, you’ll be staring at the hefty guys from Capcom’s stylish game. series about demon hunters.

But, unfortunately, there is only one of these special rooms. Because Siliconra informs that those who check into the hotel between April 1 and April 30 can pay a special Devil May Cry package for 9,800 yen ($80.55). Guests receive VHI– themed postcards and a calendar, as well as the opportunity to participate in a lottery to win a night in a special capsule room. Those who don’t win get three coaster mats.

If a room winner has been chosen and the day’s floor mats are sold out, then guests should settle for a regular pod room where they can look at their VHI postcards and calendar.

There have been numerous hotel room promotions like this one throughout Japan over the years. But as far as I know, this is the first time capsule room saw such a treatment. Because of the cramped premises, this action seems especially intimate. But really, who wouldn’t want to sleep under the gaze of Dante, Virgil and Nero?

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