Detainee resold video game consoles that were supposed to be delivered

A crowd of people cross the street in Akihabara.

Akihabara is filled with used game stores.
Photo: YUKI IWAMURA / AFP (Getty Images)

A 50-year-old man was arrested by the Tokyo police on charges of reselling approximately two hundred video game consoles and games. that have been configured for delivery. The suspect admitted the charges.

Asahi TV notes that the consoles were worth 5.8 million yen ($ 51,000) and are believed to have made over 3 million yen ($ 26,000) in profit.

In accordance with Sankey Newsthe suspect was entrusted with about 200 PlayStation 5s, Nintendo switches and games, at the request of a friend who worked in a courier company. But instead of delivering the cargo, the suspect more than half of consoles sold that day to the game stores in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

Japanese media report that the man mushoku (無 職) or “unemployed”. It is not uncommon for the Japanese media to report on the employment status of criminal suspects. In various reports, the relationship between the suspect and the employee of the delivery company has not been fully disclosed.

After selling the catch, the suspect remained in internet cafes throughout Tokyo. In Japan, internet cafes have booths where you can sleep. There is also free soda and shower, so some people actually live in internet cafes.

As for the money, it looks like it will be difficult to get all the cash back. “I left with [the load] because I had money problems, “he quotes the suspect, adding,” I bet almost all the money on the races. “

It can still be difficult to get the new PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switches in game stores in Japan, which is why they are selling well in the used market. Undoubtedly, it was easy for the suspect to resell the equipment. It was probably not difficult to spend them on ponies too.

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