Destroy all people! 2 Remake Skipping Switch, PS4


Image: THQ Scandinavian / Black Forest Games

Developers THQ Nordic Destroy all people! 2 the remake, due sometime next year, recently explained in an interview why the remake of the cult classic is avoiding the PS4, Xbox One and Switch… The team decided to make open world levels larger and more detailed on next-gen consoles, rather than sacrificing quality or size for older machines.

Almost a year after the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, consoles are still hard to find. and the biggest (and smallest) games announced so far remain multi-generational releases… Even AAA games from the console makers themselves, such as the upcoming Sony Horizon Forbidden West or Microsoft Halo infinitefall on both current and next generation machines.

So it may seem strange that a remake of the cult classic game of the PS2 era, Destroy all people! 2is one of the few PS5 and Xbox Series X / S exclusives announced for 2022. In an interview with Fugitive, game developer for Black Forest (the same people who developed original YES! remake) explained why the team was focusing only on new consoles. This is done in order to make it possible to create larger and better looking worlds without compromising the game for older consoles like the Switch, they said.

“It was a very difficult choice for everyone,” explained Stefan Schmitz, Assistant Creative Director at Black Forest.

“Or we would have to release a new game with potentially weaker graphics than the DAH remake! 1 to accommodate the larger and denser second generation maps, or we would have to ditch the old generation and bring back that optimization time and give back to the team this time to make the world a bigger and better world, as well as a combat experience. We decided to choose the second option, as it allowed us to take a big step forward in Destroy All People 2 – Reprobed in terms of visual quality “

Schmitz gave an example Fugitive describing how the developers were able to fit five times as many objects into larger levels, adding more depth and detail for players to discover while roaming around like the alien invader Crypto.

Of course, as new consoles are still hard to find I, with the exception of some fans, will not be too happy about the decision to leave the old cars. However, I’m also happy to see that developers are allowed to focus on newer and more powerful hardware instead of making sacrifices to run the game on nearly a decade old hardware such as original xbox one

You can read the full interview with Schmitz. to find out more about the changes the team is making to the remake and how the experience on the first remake helped them develop Destroy all people! 2 – Disguised.

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