Destiny 2 Xbox Game Pass Updates and the 2021 Missing Festival


  • Destiny 2 now available with Xbox Game Pass for PC.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can cross-save on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.
  • The Festival of the Missing Events has already begun with a new Matchmaking Mission, new cosmetics and a new Pulse Rifle.

Starting today, Destiny 2 joins over 100 incredible games on Xbox Game Pass for PC. Become a member today and get access to all three Destiny 2 extensions: Forsaken, Shadowkeepand change the rules of the game Beyond the light

But wait! Maybe you’re just like me and keep playing both Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. We thought about it and worked with Xbox to launch Destiny 2 with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It not only gives you all the awesome social features of Xbox Live Gold, but thanks to Destiny 2The cross-platform save feature also means you can continue to progress your Guardian no matter what platform you log into.

Free festival for everyone

The timing of the Xbox Game Pass update is perfect. Leaves change color and the oncoming winter air gets chilly, making video games with hot cocoa nearby even more cozy.

Destiny 2

In the world Destiny 2, this time of year also marks the beginning of the festival of the missing. A free event where residents of the Last City celebrate the lives of those they have lost. Imagine a combination of the Day of the Dead and Halloween and you will begin to get closer to that atmosphere.

Oh yes, dinosaurs. Did I mention there are dinosaurs this year? There are dinosaurs this year.

In addition to the prehistoric rock stars, there is a new co-op event called Haunted Sectors, new collection cosmetics, a new pulse rifle, and the introduction of a new knowledge-infused feature called Book of the Forgotten. Looks like your cup tea cocoa? Chill. Let’s get scared.

Destiny 2

Haunted sectors
Launched in 2021, the Haunted Sectors are a three-player competition in which Guardians have to go through three different horrific tales. Perhaps your battle group will face off against the decapitated creatures on the moon, or perhaps you will head to Nessus, where the Guardian is on the run – being hunted by his Ghost. In the third sector with the ghosts, the minds of the exo and the vex merged, and, as in the case of the Frankenstein monster, they became something new and very … alive. Live through all the spectacular scenarios, and candy isn’t the only thing that will make your success sweet.

Being brave pays off
This year we will introduce new cosmetics, paper masks, decorations for dinosaur armor and (with a rampant dinosaur obsession) even new dinosaur-themed weapons. Harness unprecedented power since the Mesozoic era with the new Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle. Create miniature extinction events with each trigger pull as you approach a new exotic sparrow.

Destiny 2

No festival of the lost is complete without matching costumes, and this year was no different. Everyone’s favorite eye-catching paper masks are back! If you’ve missed out on any of your favorites from yesteryear, you’ll have the opportunity to collect them alongside some cool new ones.

It is usually difficult to think of something more suitable for such an event than masks. But with the help of our community, I think we got it …

Dino’s team
At the beginning of the year, we were at a crossroads. Impossible choice with two correct answers … or so we thought. We had to choose between two different armor decorations to add to the game, and even in the studio there was no sign of agreement. So we asked the community to save the day by picking one for us.

The fight was fierce and the discussion on social media was lively. But in the end, the victorious roar of #TeamDino was heard on the streets of the Last City.

Destiny 2

We are proud to announce that #TeamDino Jewelry is now available for purchase from the Eververse Store. Nice game and well played by everyone who voted. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Book of the forgotten
A new historical feature, Festival of the Lost, will debut this year. The new Tome of the Forgotten can be found in the Tower, and it is unfortunately incomplete. This is where you come in. Collect lost pages, unlock new stories, and immortalize Festival of the Lost 2021 with a completed tome.

Save the universe your way

Master the Mouse and Keyboard in Your Battle Station, or Get Comfortable on the Sofa with Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. Whichever game you play, Xbox Game Pass gives you the choice, and Bungie Cross Play ensures that no matter which platform you choose, all your friends are simply invited.

Destiny 2

So, join me in seasoning the whole pumpkin, buying the one-serving packets of candy we’re not going to hand out, and finding the brightest room in the house to kick-start the haunted sector. The Festival of the Lost begins today.

See you at the star, Guardian.

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