Destiny 2 New Glaives Review: They’re Awesome!


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I wasn’t thrilled with Bungie’s idea to add glaives to Destiny 2. Something about the opening pitch seemed out of place in a game like Destiny 2. But now, having played many, many hours witch queenI’m happy to report that Zach has been an idiot in the past. The glaives are amazing.

Destiny 2 latest extension, witch queenvery good. Others here and online have already said the same thing. So I won’t spend too much time repeating them or myself. But yes, a new story campaign it’s great, paying off plot threads from years ago. Yet, witch queen also adds new twists and wrinkles to the (admittedly too complicated at times) the universe Fate. All this plus an amazing look. the new zone added in the expansion – Savathun’s own Throneworld – is really great. It’s my favorite Fate expansion in years.

However, I want to talk about perhaps the best little thing added to witch queen: Glaives.

Glaives in Destiny 2 some strange combination mergers rifle, sword, shield, and spear. You can fire energy blasts Glaive-wielding enemies, block damage with your weapon shield or pummel everyone in your path with his fast and sensitive melee attacks. And unlike swords in Fatethat bring the camera closer to a third person perspective if present, when used hits you with glaives stay in first-kind of person All the time. This makes the new melee and energy hybrid space sticks feel like a more natural part of your combat experience.

That’s a lot of words, mostly explaining what glaives are, not why I love them so much.

The point is these new spear-like weapons, they provide a good hole in Destiny 2′combat sandbox. Sometimes, especially when fighting the Hive, you will find yourself in a situation where you are attacked from long, medium and close range by melee and ranged villains. The Glaive offers a good solution to all these problems. Melee attacks can easily kill weak thralls and other less powerful enemies in a matter of seconds, while an energy blast can take out pesky enemies from a distance. And the shield gives you the ability to run away or block damage from pesky snipers that might be out of range of the glaive.

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Of course I know the experts and min/max are obsessed Destiny 2 fans will likely point out some of the tweaks and nerfs that Bungie has applied to glaives since the launch of Witch Queen. And they could also indicate how, in fact, this special weapon is more effective or that better for crowd control or something.

And I tell them: it’s cool.

I’m going to have fun kicking shit Fallen and Hive with my magic space stick, smiling and laughing the whole time.

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