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Hello Travelers! This is your Genshin Impact development team and today we would like to show you more about the other part of Sumeru that will be coming with version 3.1 of King Deshret and the Three Wise Men on September 28th. This time we will head west, passing through the rainforest, to step into the incredibly beautiful desert. Here we will uncover the legends of King Deshret and clues to the past buried in the sand. In addition, three Sumeru characters will join the playable cast: Candice, Cino, and Neelow.

When a fresh autumn breeze blows, far beyond the sultry sands, the Mondstadt Weinlesefest celebrations arrive, along with new events, mini-games, and rich rewards.

The realm of death, secrets and technology

Unlike green rainforests, the Sumeru Desert at first glance seems dreary and barren. In the middle of the desert is the massive mausoleum of King Deshret. Although King Deshret and his ancient civilization perished, his legends and technology are still told by the desert dwellers, as well as the machinery and robots that guard his resting place.

Beneath the scorching sand lies a plethora of dungeons challenging intruders with invisible puzzles, mechanics and guardian robots powered by King Deshret’s ancient technology. The overseer network’s semi-intransitive matrix algorithm is the most dangerous of all, as it can turn invisible during combat. Another new boss enemy, Aeonblight Drake, is also a powerful mechanical beast that can be found in the rainforest.

Not as lifeless and deserted as it seems at first glance, the desert area shows an amazing variety of landforms and living creatures. Dunes, great canyons, and oases stand amidst harsh arid conditions, and creatures such as the Sumpter Beast, Desert Fox, Quicksand Unag, Red Vulture, Scorpion, and Scarab call the area home. Meanwhile, Aaru Village is the largest settlement and stronghold for the desert dwellers. The village has also received many scientists exiled from the Academy and has become a place where people from different walks of life and valuable knowledge come together.

Genshin Impact Version 3.1: Desert Journey

The search for Archon Sumeru will continue as his landscape extends into the desert. While the Traveler is busy dealing with the Academy, two Harbingers of Fatui, Il Dottore and Scaramouche, hatch a plan in the Wisdom Nation.

More allies from Sumeru

As the story progresses, more and more Sumeru characters are ready to become reliable allies. A half-blood descendant of King Deshret, Candice guards the village of Aaru with her shield, halberd, and Hydro Vision. Although Candace is gentle and kind to people, she turns into a fierce and skilled fighter whenever she feels threatened by the village. While holding her elemental skill, Candice will start charging up her skill and raise her shield to block incoming attacks and absorb damage. When fully charged, Candice can jump high and deliver a vicious blow to enemies in front of her. While exploring, Candice can reduce the climbing stamina consumption of all four party members.

Just like her dancing, Nilou’s presence also has a calming effect on Sumeru City, as her caring nature always encourages her to be supportive of those around her. However, she may also need help when there is confusion and negativity in her mind. In combat, Neilow favors the sword and Hydro’s strength, and her elegant dance moves also show up in her attack patterns. With his Elemental Skill, Nilou can perform two different dance moves, Sword Dance and Spinning Step, which deal different effects and deal damage respectively. She can further buff her teammates if Dendro and Hydro are the only two elements available on her team.

As General Mahamatra, Cino is accustomed to fighting with his halberd and the power of Electro. With his Elemental Burst, Cino summons a divine spirit to possess him, transforming into a Pactsworn ranger. While in Pactsworn Pathclearer, Cyno’s normal, charged, and falling attacks will be converted to electro damage that cannot be countered. At the same time, Cino will receive several buffs, including increased elemental mastery, interrupt resistance, and immunity to electrocute damage. In daily life, Kino conscientiously fulfills his duties of upholding justice and the rules of the Academy, but he also maintains strong convictions and a reserved attitude towards scholars and knowledge. After work, Cino often engages in several interesting hobbies, including telling unfunny jokes and Genius Invokation, a brand new collectible card game that is planned to be added in version 3.3!

Cyno and Candace will be available during Event Wishes in the first half of version 3.1, coinciding with the re-launch of Venti. Neilou and Albedo’s replay will follow in the second half of the update.

More Exciting Desert Adventures

To better simulate realistic footprints in the sand, we have introduced a new feature – dynamic terrain deformation. When characters and creatures walk in the desert, the sand under their feet settles, and some of the sand collects around the footprints, causing a slight bump. Quicksand trails vary depending on the size and movement of different targets.

Meanwhile, we have also expanded DualSense controller support for version 3.1. Each playable character will have vibration feedback when they cast their Elemental Burst, and we have another surprise for you!

Cool autumn days in Mondstadt

Looking for a break from the hot dry climate? The people of Mondstadt are getting ready for the annual Weinlesefest. According to folklore, this is the time to brew and taste the wine of the year with the Anemo Archon. If the Archon is satisfied with the new wine, he will send his blessing with the autumn breeze.

This year’s Weinlesefest is all about family and friendship with our old friends. However, the main story will shed light on Razor and his past will be revealed as the story progresses. In addition, festivals are often accompanied by challenges and mini-games. During the seasonal event, we have prepared four different games, such as the unique “Charity and Creativity” game, in which players have to manage their own stores! Once you’ve completed all four games, you’ll be able to claim the Festive Fever and exchange it for various rewards, including the new four-star Missive Windspear weapon and an exclusive upgrade material.

In addition to the festival, the new Windchaser event will challenge your tactics and how you maneuver with the wind currents in a special area. Another event, Star Seeker’s Journey, will require you to help fulfill a young girl’s wish to find future stars. What’s more, if you manage to get past the 4th floor, 3rd chamber in Spiral Abyss, you’ll have a chance to recruit Colley for free!

Last but not least, in version 3.1 we will add more bonuses. The Daily Login Event is back again and up to 10 Fates Intertwined and other items can be obtained. Also, be sure to check your in-game mailbox for a total of Primogems ×1600, Fragile Resin ×4 and two unique gadgets, Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper and Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device. We hope you have a good time with version 3.1 and we look forward to seeing you next time!

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