Demon lawn and the art of self-expression through movement

What I’ve always been most interested in in video games, which has surpassed other media for me, is how the player directly participates and influences the course of the game. Players express themselves through game mechanics! But how it’s done is completely different depending on the genre. The adventure game allows players to express themselves through dialogue. The fighter allows the player to express themselves through an intricate dance of button combinations and reactions. The racer allows the player to express themselves by choosing a car and driving style. A 3D platformer allows the player to express themselves with simple movements.

This realization made this genre so special to me. Special enough that I needed to get down to business with my impressive team, experience it first hand, and see how we can deeply explore this core idea. Does each genre have its own form of expression, which often comes with a certain level of difficulty, but just moves around the world? This is as fundamental as it can be, and that is why I am so excited about it. It’s beautiful, simple and affordable, but it hides insane depth! So how exactly do you do this? It’s all about the details, giving the player a choice in their development, without requiring any specific decision.

Let’s say a player needs to climb some sort of tower. Does the player immediately run towards him? Or take a walk first? Do they start triple jump and then double jump to reach the first ledge? Or do they instead perform a triangle jump and then a wall jump in order to fully transition to the next platform? Are they discreetly spinning jumping past moving platforms, or are they super jumping over it all to get through faster? The point is that the player analyzes how he wants to go through the space, and then acts in it in his own style! The key is to provide the player with options that are both satisfying and simple. Add an extra layer of depth by skillfully combining movements, and you’ll get even closer to that sense of self-expression through movement.


With Demon Dern We released a demo some time ago that included weekly challenges, and thanks to it we have created a thriving speedrunner community. It’s no exaggeration to say that the playing styles of our top runners were so varied that I could discern them and tell you which records belong to which runner just by observing their style of movement. And this is something special for me and our team. To make the movement so easy, and so that its abundance of options is so easily connected to each other, that people develop their own styles while constantly feeling cool. Beginners and experts alike!


With that in mind, we’ve also tried to add a healthy amount of accessibility options so that hopefully no one feels left out, even when the levels get especially tricky. This included button mapping, color blind modes, and a variety of gameplay options. This also meant that we had to find a solution if you just got stuck and couldn’t complete a level despite your best efforts! This is where the “revolutionaries” come into play! For a small fee in the form of collectible sweets, you can ask them to complete the level for you! Don’t worry, you can get your sweets back anytime by trying the level again later! We’ve also added game mods that you can buy to change your movements, and dyes and pets to customize your look. Not only does Biebz, the protagonist, express your movements, she also rocks your style!


We really put our hearts and souls into this game. It’s packed with content and challenges, has a world filled to the brim with eccentric characters, and is essentially trying to be the most addicting 3D platformer you can experience. Demon Dern is launching today and I can’t wait to see everyone prove themselves on the lawn to fight the Demon King! Good luck and most importantly: have fun!

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Demon Dern

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The Demon World is inhabited by all kinds of villains … Most of them are united in gangs fighting for domination, each led by its own main boss. But even these bad guys can’t match the Demon King himself! Instead, the task falls on Beebs, a young demon barely a thousand years old, who decides it’s time for her to kick every turf leader’s ass and become the Demon Queen herself. • A unique aesthetic that combines the expressiveness of 2D illustrations with the depth and sense of exploration that a 3D environment has to offer! • A world full of humor and style, from music accompanied by the rap of the protagonist to the vivid characters that inhabit the world! • A unique perspective on progress! Complete a victory lap and explore previously completed levels to discover their liberated state with many mechanical and environmental changes. Or relax in the city center by taking on side quests and other special challenges. • Perform some clever platformer combinations or get physically challenged with a special physics-based combat system that enhances the chaos and fun. Push, pull and turn enemies out of your way. • Another approach to control points, allowing the player to place them anywhere. Show off a great run or post it to get ready for a tricky section. ВЂ Unique challenges such as the “Photo Hunt” mode, where you have to photograph hidden places and amazing moments! Or just take pictures and selfies for fun and share them on all social networks! • A stunning collection of mods available for purchase that can be intelligently combined to completely change your playstyle! Or you could buy dyes and pets instead, the world is your oyster! • Lots of elaborate levels that constantly create new challenges and attract bosses full of character and life! Until Beebs gets to them … Slime-san’s creators present their newest creation! The team used everything they learned from their 2D platformer to take this 3D platformer to the next level!

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