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Our team is happy to share the opening chapters of their PlayStation VR title track, Fracked, available now on PlayStation Store as a completely free demo! The full game has been confirmed as it launched on August 20th and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new action-adventure entry in the PS VR library.

Play for yourself

You can now take the Alaska tracks with PlayStation Move and check out the explosive game in Fracked for yourself by going to PlayStation Store. The entire game will be released to the public on August 20, with up to 72 hours of early access and bonus content for those of you who pre-order the Deluxe Edition.

What can you expect from the demo? An explosive mix of game walking, climbing and skiing all lodged in the opening part of the game! Accelerate snow-capped mountain tops, head into battles with weapons, and take on enemy interdimensional enemies.

The early days and the style of play

From our experience with past titles, we knew we wanted to provide an immersive game with various crossing methods. Exploring those other crossing methods has been a great inspiration to us. We knew the climbing worked well in VR, and we even created a ski demo that became so addictive that people kept coming back to play. We knew then that we had something to discover.

The demo opens with our hero after an avalanche, and after signaling to the mountain rescue for help, you are tasked with overcoming the next impending snow. This biting nail-biting section immediately immerses the player in the action from the start with an intuitive 1: 1 move. After this epic escape, the experience changes gears to equally frantic combat and scaling scenarios as you go further. in the adventure.


Game design and immersion

Cover Grabbable is a core game mechanic in Fracked that renews the genre. We actually had a term to call it run and cover your rifles. It’s a big part of the innovation in this game. These are concepts that will usually be in contrast to each other but are intended to keep the combat fresh. For a moment, as a hunter, you feel like a true Hollywood action hero, but when you become overweight, you intuitively grab the cover for rest. When power dynamics change, cover becomes a necessary tactical strategy to overcome the enemy as you become prey.

There are many fun arcade experiences in VR, but they are generally short and often on rails. We set out to provide our vision of a more conventional campaign experience, with full freedom of movement. We wanted to provide players with well-trodden and much-loved convention tactics, such as better capturing an enemy position, then improving it with VR. We wanted to show a wider gaming audience that VR can evolve the typical gaming experience and provide unparalleled immersion.

Roleplay and player pleasure

We’ve learned that role is incredibly important for high-end VR experiences. Players want to embody a character and almost play the part, but it’s an act of balance. You never want the role to go into the fun mode, and it shouldn’t come at the cost of the player’s fun. We set out to break the convention and really had a first-person shooter experience. This factor in the concept of having new magazines appear under the gun for a manual reload, rather than having to navigate an arbitrary menu or wallet with virtual pockets. We don’t want the game mechanics to break the exciting pace of the action.

We think in VR you can get caught up in the technology and lose sight of what the game audience wants, which is just a really fun game. With great gaming experience as a priority, you’re wondering how VR can elevate the tried and tested FPS sensitivity, rather than focusing on providing a demo of VR technology. You need that player first mentality. How can VR improve gaming experiences?

Quick Summary

The nDreams team can’t wait for you to get your hands on Fracked for yourself, and for you to experience this reinvention of the action-adventure genre. Fracked will be launched worldwide on August 20, with Deluxe Edition access starting on August 17. You can check out the demo now on PlayStation Store.

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