Defend The Rook is a chess-based roguelike tower defense game

chess this is the worst board game ever. It doesn’t have pretty player tokens like Monopolyit doesn’t have funny moving parts like Mousetrapand if you take chess to a cool party, everyone will call you a nerd and a jerk and then they will play Dixit without you.

The only good thing about chess is when people reinvent it to make it better, like in Defend The Rook, a tactical roguelike tower defense game with history as well as characters as well as magic.

The action of Defend The Rook on a chessboard is all about defending the rook “at all costs” – that’s the tower in the tower defense system – and you’ll be able to use spells, set traps and erect barriers to stop the invasion. strength from the destruction of Rook, which is the life essence of the realm.

Defend The Rook will be available on Nintendo eShop on April 14th.

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