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Hello PlayStation Nation! This is the time of year when we can uncover all the exciting gameplay improvements and new features coming your way in NBA 2K22!

We had an ambitious list of features that we wanted to implement this year: more dynamic gameplay, tighter and more responsive movement, more skill-based attacks, and big changes to the player builder. We’ve done our best to ensure the same quality of gameplay updates for both PS5 and PS4, so no matter which version you work with this year, you’ll have a whole new experience.


The main goal of defense was to give players the tools to really change the outcome of the game on the floor and at the edge of the field. If you were a great perimeter defender and were looking forward to it, we wanted you to be able to squeeze the dribbler and force the pass. If you’ve been a rim defender, we wanted to give you the ability to drop weak shot attempts at will.

The shooting and blocking competition system has been completely redesigned, resulting in several new snatch blocks and volleyball pimples that were not available before. The rewritten version of the shooting competition removed the “ghost matches” that many had complained about, and this year’s lack of position or lack of hand in the shooter’s face will lead to light attacks. On the other hand, properly crowded arrows with good competition will result in a lot of bricks and balloons, as it should be.

Next generation protection

For outdoor defenders, bodybuilding runs and hitting bumps seem much more rewarding; especially for those using the PS5 DualSense wireless controller thanks to the haptic feedback. Shifts, starts, stops, and cuts feel much more difficult, and PS5 players will see a lot less slipping on both ends of the floor as a result of improvements in leg fit.

Protection has also been the main thrust of the next generation of artificial intelligence. The new defensive positioning logic when playing with the ball gives defenders more uniformity in their positions, regardless of their distance from the basket. This, along with improved movement, allowed us to improve the overall defensive position, which means PS5 players will feel more pressure on the ball in defense than they did last year.


This year, the goal was to bring base sizes and brand sizes together and give each player a unique feel and rhythm when resizing, as well as giving the player complete control over how the streak plays out. The speedy joystick that we introduced to the PS5 last year is also making a comeback. Thus, moving the club quickly results in a faster dribble, while slower movement gives you a more rhythmic one. A choice of about 50 unique packages for increasing the size of the signature and 32 unique sequence of maintenance. Be sure to try all of them to find out which one works best for your playstyle. From moves to new moves and combos, they’ll be identical on PS5 and PS4!

Publish Play

Now for a little fun for the big ones. We’ve spent a lot of time updating the post-game with a ton of new content, including new moves and a new arsenal of back to cart moves. Similar to handling the ball face up, many of the new moves are canceled and interrupted. For example, start spinning after spinning by rotating the Pro Stick and then immediately moving the left stick in the opposite direction to perform a reverse spin. There are also new R2 knockoffs that keep you fast by allowing multiple knockoffs to be bundled together without distraction.


Shooting in NBA 2K22 has gone through a lot of changes. There is a new shot counter with dynamically resizing make window. This window will expand when you take quality shots with good shooters, but narrows when you are challenging hard, shooting a low-rated shooter, or getting tired. The main focus for this year’s shooting success is Shot IQ. Teams that are open minded and take smart shots will do far better than teams that force bad shots. We’ve extensively tested the new shooting mechanics with players of all skill levels and believe it’s the best shooting experience NBA 2K has ever felt.


We’ve updated the locking system in NBA 2K22 and we now give rim defenders more tools to make great stops on the rim. On top of that, on PS5 we’ve added time counters for both dodge attempts and aggressive dunk attempts. When the alleyway passage is in the air, you need to press the shot button at the right time to complete the shot. And on the dunk side, holding the Sprint and pulling the Pro Stick straight down will trigger aggressive dunking.

Builds, Badges, and Absorptions

In NBA 2K21, we introduced an all-new PS5 Player Builder that allowed you to set attribute limits as you see fit. This year we made many changes to the system, including significantly increasing the number of badge points you have at your disposal and making it easier to define the badges available, the cost at each level, and the attribute thresholds required to achieve each. tier.

There’s also a new MyPLAYER update, exclusive to PS5, called Takeover Perks. These are modifiers that you can unlock and use to enhance your grappling abilities! We won’t list them because we want them to be a surprise, but this is a great update to the Takeover system that adds a layer of depth and strategy to your online competition.

From the beginning, our goal was to create fun and competitive gameplay for everyone. The community’s passion for 2K is what drives us, and many of our features come directly from you. So, have a great time with NBA 2K22 and we can’t wait to read your reviews, watch your videos / streams and continue working with you to create the best basketball game on the planet! Tip 10 September.

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