Deadly Dozen Reloaded Squads for New Summer Landing on Switch

Update [Fri 29th Apr, 2022 17:00 GMT] Deadly Dozen Reloaded hit Steam and GOG today, but if you’re looking for a Switch version, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Ziggurat Interactive has announced that a remastered version of this 2001 shooter is now coming to Nintendo consoles this summer.

To make the anticipation more bearable, publisher Ziggurat has shared details about the game, including some new screens.

Key features Deadly Dozen: Reloaded include:

Rethinking for the Modern Age: Updates receive not only graphics and sound. Enemy AI is now more advanced, which makes combat more fun, and reworked vehicle physics makes moving towards targets more fun and realistic.
Ten giant missions: Large, accurately recreated maps with tasks that can be completed in any order. Each mission offers a rich tactical environment offering ample opportunity for strategy, stealth and combat.
Custom downloads: Eleven different types of weapons – six American and five German – and seven types of equipment, including first aid kits, binoculars and various explosives, allow players to customize squad members to suit their play style and mission objectives.
No more permanent death: Players can experience heartbreaking escapes with half of their team, with fallen teammates recovering for the next mission. No more reloading save files!

Original article [Fri 21st Jan, 2022 15:00 GMT] This generation has seen a steady stream of retro games being updated for remasters, with another coming to Switch this spring. This time Deadly Dozen: Reloaded is an updated version of the 2001 tactical shooter in which you lead a group of 4 soldiers through the tough battles of World War II.

Previously a PC-only release, this remake will bring us a long-awaited debut on consoles, although the original received mixed reviews from critics. The core game is the same, but major improvements are promised elsewhere.

Choose your squad of four from a roster of twelve playable characters, each with unique stats, weapons and equipment, to take on important missions behind enemy lines. Players can tailor their squad to suit their preferred playstyle, whether they want to be completely stealthy, focus on run-and-gun action, or make noise with loud, devastating explosions. Players control their unit with the Squad Wheel, which they can use to call movement orders, fire orders, stance, and formation changes to adapt to challenges in the field. In addition, direct control is never limited to just one of the four squad members, as players can change their playable character at any time.

While the structure Deadly Dozen: Reloaded remains the same as the original version, level resources, textures and character models have been rebuilt from the ground up. Real-time lighting, high-quality particle effects, and other environmental effects have been added to give the game a realistic feel. The PC version will support resolutions up to 4K with no frame rate cap, while consoles will support 1080p and 30fps. The audio has been enhanced to include much higher quality samples, real-time sound effects such as reverb and occlusion, 3D surround sound, and support for 5.1 or more speaker configurations.

We expect it to have enough retro AI and crap, but the concept is certainly intriguing. We’ll be watching for more details to share closer to the spring release.

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