Days Gone Reveals An Open World Sequel To Resistance For Sony

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Former Bend Studio director Jeff Ross recently revealed that he introduced an open world game. Resistance sequel after Sony made it clear that it was not interested in Past days 2. There was also talk of a new Siphon filter reboot. But none of those projects got very far, according to Ross in a new interview with David Jaffe.

Live by David Jaffe Jan 6Ross spoke about how disinterested Sony was in Days gone by the presentation of the sequel, calling it a “tough battle,” and the studio ultimately failed to convince Sony that the idea would work before Ross left Bend in 2020 after nearly two decades.

“It was quite obvious that we should not talk about Days gone by when we worked in the field [for Bend’s next game,]- explained Ross. “It was clear that it was a bad start and there was nothing on the field to make the local manager and his boss feel good.”

He later added that Sony seemed to be interested in almost everything except Past days 2.

After lack of interest in Past days 2Ross and the studio then tried to offer Sony another idea: a new Resistance the game. But this time it will be an open world shooter.

“The pitch I did was … open world Resistance would be pretty damn cool, ”Ross said. “We came up with all these open world loops. He almost wrote himself with Resistance. There were so many aspects of this property that were appropriate for open world gameplay. “

Sony also pitched this idea, which Ross suggested might be related to the latter. Resistance the game might not sell well enough to warrant a reboot or sequel. Interestingly, Microsoft’s famous shooter franchise, Halo, went out into the open world last year with great success… (I also want to share Resistance 3 it’s pretty darn cool and one of my favorite games. If someone wants to make a remaster of these games or just the third, I will be very happy. Okay, back to history.)

Gabe Logan and the other Siphon Filter characters shoot their guns and hide behind a brick wall.

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During the interview, Ross also stated that Sony had asked him and the Bend crew to reboot the long-dormant third-person series. Siphon filter… At the time, however, Ross did not see it as a “real” plan.

“It was like an ‘occupy them’ question: ‘Hey guys, why don’t you come up with something for Siphon filter while we find out what we are sure of. ” So I don’t think it was ever genuine, ”Ross told Jeff.

He also added that he had “zero ideas” on how to reboot this franchise, and admitted that he was not interested in the idea at all.

Earlier this week, Ross tweeted about Sony’s reaction to the 2019 game’s release. Days gone by… Although Ross claims The open-world zombie game for PlayStation 4 has sold 8 million copies in less than two years. explained that it is still considered a “disappointment” in the eyes of the leadership. This tweet was a reaction to the news that Ghost of Tsushima 8 million copies sold and was noted by Sony as a great success.

Back at Bend Studio in June 2021, Sony confirms team is working on new IP which will build on the “deep open world systems they have developed with Days gone by.So it looks like if Sony has plans for Past days 2, new Siphon filteror Resistance I reboot, it still doesn’t happen in Bend Studio. Although I know that many may be saddened not to receive a new one Days of Gone or open world Resistance game, I’m just glad to hear that Bend Studio is still alive and working on something. In this industry, one or two sinkholes can sink your ship. leading to layoffs and studio closings

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